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About Us


Inside the Hometown Bicycles bicycle adventure center

Everyone in, around, and involved with our shop is here because they love bicycles, they love cyclists, and they LOVE getting cyclists BACK on their bicycles.

Thanks to the world’s coolest customers and community, we’ve grown from a tiny, service-only shop to a Bicycle Adventure Center that literally spans over half a roller rink. But our proudest accomplishment is that, through it all, we’ve stayed true to our core:

1) BICYCLES AREN’T JUST WHAT WE DO – THEY ARE THE ONLY THING WE DO. Since we’re the only single-sport bicycle shop in Livingston County, you can always expect ‘exceptional’.

2) WE’RE AN ANTI-BIKE-SNOB OPERATION – if it’s a bicycle, we’ll work on it!

3) WE OFFER SAME DAY REPAIR WITH IN-STOCK PARTS, and daily parts ordering.


Our community has voted us Best Bike Shop in Southeast MI 5 years running, and our mission is to keep EARNING that level of loyalty and faith year after year.

Family. Friendship. Fun. Freedom. That’s how we roll here at Hometown Bicycles.



jamis home

Carine Joannou, CEO of Jamis BicyclesBuilding the perfect bike is an impossible goal, but it’s the only one that’s worthwhile. In fact , we’ve been at it most of our lives. CEO and President Carine Joannou (left) has been successfully leading and directing G. Joannou Cycle, our parent company, since taking over from her father in 1981.

What began as a modest regional distributor of imported European bicycles and parts in 1937 has grown into a national powerhouse with international distributors throughout the world. GJC is now Greg Webber, VP of Product Development at Jamis Bicyclesone of the oldest, largest bicycle companies under original family ownership in America.

Greg Webber, Vice President of Product Development (right) has been with Jamis since the first Earth Cruiser rolled out in 1979 and eagerly joined Carine’s winning team when GJC acquired Jamis in 1990. Their commitment, passion and leadership inspires the rest of us bike addicts at Jamis to not settle for “good enough”. The whole team aims for nothing short of perfection all day, every day.

14 Responses

  1. I have an old Schwin 3 speed I would like refurbished do you do that kind of work?

  2. Hi Shaun, I ought to get over and pick up my tour bike. I had a bad overuse injury this fall and consequently had to take off biking for a while. Let me know a good time. Thanks.

  3. Are you going back to 7-7-7 after the move? how do you do it?

  4. I can personally attest to Shaun’s philosophy. Years ago I though I needed a new bike. I talked to Shaun when he was at the “other” place. Instead of pushing me into a new bike, he asked to look at my old one. A few bucks later, it was working like new. Of course, a year or two after that, when I really did get to the point of needing a more advanced bike, I went to Shaun to buy it. Like the surfers say; it’s about the ride, man!

    • Thanks Alan.
      Everyday I am on a mission to promote the lifestyle, not “Sell Bikes”. I love what I do, I get to work in flip flops and ride my bike to lunch. The best part, I meet the most amazing people and hear the best stories that happen on a bicycle. and sometimes sail boats

      Ride on

  5. […] But perhaps the most noteworthy part of the shop is the owner himself, Shaun Bhajan, and his philosophy of bike business: […]

  6. Great job Shaun, I’m very happy for you! It takes a lot of courage and guts to make the decision you made I’m sure you’ll be happy (I’m talking about your engagement).
    Oh and good job on the store as well, I will pass the word as much as I can.

  7. shaun your the man, site looks great im sure the store is equal i promise when i get the chance i will stop in. good luck.

  8. Good Luck Shaun.
    Can’t wait to see the new shop. Good Luck. We’ll be in soon.

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