Thank you from Hometown Bicycles!I’ll admit, I was a little apprehensive when we made the decision to start Hometown Bicycles. Who isn’t when it comes to launching their own business?

For that reason, I am very thankful for the people that have made this shop a growing success. 348 repairs later, I am still amazed by the support I have received from the local community, my friends and family.

I am also grateful for the encouragement that fellow local bike shops have offered – shops like Cycletherapy in Waterford and Ann Arbor’s Wheels in Motion.

“But,” you’re wondering, “aren’t they competition?”

Actually, no. I’ve known these shops for years, as well as the people who work there, and I have great respect for their passion to put people on bicycles.

Competition isn’t another bicycle shop. It’s a Play-station, it’s a Quad-runner… it’s something that doesn’t give back to you like a bicycle does.

Like Hometown Bicycles, these shops want you to have a good time; they want you to have a great experience; they want you to receive the best service they can offer. And ultimately our common goal is the same: We all want you to RIDE YOUR BIKE!

So thank you, all of you, for the enthusiastic welcome to the cycling community. We look forward to fueling your cycling passion for a long time to come!

– Shaun Bhajan, Hometown’s Head Honcho & Expert Mechanic

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