From Left to Right, Bill, Alex, C.J. and Lance

Check it out.  Alex ( Hometown’s Bad A** Mechanic) and team captain took Bill, Lance, and C.J. to a 2nd place victory at the Novi Tree farm Mountain bike Relay. They were a little nervous this morning, but Alex being the level headed captain he is, rallied the troops and they brought it home. Look for Alex and the boys out at local races (If their not at the shop).

Alex being the 1st one out of the trail in 42  minutes gave Lance, who was sitting at the tent not expecting  him in for another 10 minutes, the adrenalin rush he needed to crash within 1 minute of being out on the coarse. After lance calmed his nerves, he finished with no incident and 3lbs of mud on his bike.

C.J. Was the next up to crash. Riding Alex’s Salsa wearing a red Specialized shirt the “Kid was up”.  It was a smooth transition pulling 4 minutes back for the group and starting the buzz. There were a few teams thinking that the guys was sandbagging it. Here’s the truth. We had one experienced racer(Alex) and three guys that never raced before.

Bill being the biggest, only made it harder on himself adding mud to his frame. With his John Deere tee shirt, HE ROCKED. Bill defiantly held his own and after only one wipe out, brought in the second place victory for Team Hometown.

Good Job Guys

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