We know the best people.  This weekend was awesome; we had criterium winners, 8 hour challenge animals and the best Sunday off for me in a long while.

"BIG MONEY" Alex and Matt

Let’s start with Saturday. Alex Pless and Matt Craig did great, taking 1st place at Bloomer 8 Hour Mountain Bike Challenge. These guys are awesome, and it just shows that it’s not just working at a bike shop. Its supporting the sport and lifestyle. Check out the Video below that was on the MMBA website and look for the Pink and Blue Jersey. (Alex is the 1st rider in the video). I’m not sure how far they went in 8 hours, but I know that that is a long time on a mountain bike.

CJ After his Cat 5 race

Local Legend Scott Hoffner after taking 5th place

Sunday was a really big day. CJ, our rising star, did his second Criterium, the first being Flint last weekend. There were a few more people we know that were racing as well: Scott Hoffner who took 5th place in Cat 3, Jim Bruce and the team from Lathrup Cycling Team who put on an awesome show and, finally,  Nate Holloway, Nate Benke and the boys from SC Racing taking the danger corner in downtown Milford.

Nate Holloway from Team SC racing taking the corner

Nate Holloway from Team SC racing taking the corner

What can I say? What a weekend. I had a chance to spend it with my future wife, watched some awesome bike racing in downtown Milford, had my #1 guy in the shop doing something he loves… life is good.

P.S. We just did our 650th repair. Thank you!