On Wednesday, April 7th 2010, Hometown customer Bill Saint-Onge made a remarkable commitment. He committed to himself, his family and his life to ditch the car and ride a bicycle.

Thousands of miles, 2 bicycles and 3 winter spills (ouch!) later, he’s still going strong.

Bill isn’t greeted with the typical “Welcome to Hometown” when he stops by the shop. Instead, we throw him a “Hi, Bill. Where are you riding to now?”

And it’s not uncommon to get a response of “Traverse City!”, or some similarly distant location.

You may be wondering, did Bill break down and drive a car at any time over the last year?

NO. In worst case scenarios, he was driven where he needed to go.

Bill admits that he is nervous about taking the next step. And what step is that?

Completely getting rid of the car. Between you and me, I think he will do it!

You see, Bill isn’t just an inspiration to all of us at Hometown Bicycles. He represents what our shop is all about – committment, personal growth, courage, passion and cycling.

You’re most likely to spot Bill riding along Grand River between the East and West side of town, with more flashers on his bike than a fire engine.

Do us a favor. When you see Bill cycling through town on his trusty, orange steed, give him a wave and a thumbs up. His is a lifestyle choice we are proud to support!