Accepting The 500 Mile Hometown Challenge

You just never know what sort of adventure awaits you at Hometown Bicycles… as recently discovered by Jill and Steven Gautherat of Hartland.

While picking up their two new Jamis Explorer comfort bikes, we issued Jill and Steven a challenge: 500 miles of cycling by the end of the summer. And what’s more, we asked them to chronicle the journey!

To their credit, Jill and Steven took to the idea like – well, like cyclists to saddles – and enthusiastically signed on for the adventure.

We’ll be tracking their pedal-powered mileage over the course of the summer on both our Facebook page and website.

Jill and Steven will also be joining us for weekly shop rides, and you are invited to ride along with these Hometown rock stars to encourage them on their way to 500 miles!

The Start of Something Spectacular: Jill and Steven’s First Blog

Hey Everyone! Jill and Steven Gautherat here, and we will be blogging our adventures of biking 500 miles! Shaun asked us to blog about our summer adventures on a bike so here it goes!

Who are we?

Steven and Jill Gautherat, we are husband and wife who have been married 11 years and love an adventure! We are living in Hartland, and both work in Brighton. I (Jill) work retail, so crazy hours for me, and Steven is a truck driver for a local company, so long hours for him! On the days we actually have off together, we love to go for walks, bike rides, and just enjoys our beautiful state of Michigan. With over 150 bike trails in Michigan, there are plenty of opportunities to ride 500 miles! Look for our posts soon, and see you on the trails!

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