Hometown at Interbike Vegas 2011
Well, THAT was a successful trip! In addition to daily Elvis sightings, Hometown toured row upon row of the coolest, newest cycling products on the market.Jamis at Interbike

We placed some orders, set some goals, got some terrific ideas and got psyched. 2012 is going to rock. You can hold us to that.

And what a compliment to the shop! We learned the happy news that Hometown is one of QBP’s top Michigan retailers and a Jamis Michigan retailing rockstar. Frankly, that’s due to you and your continued patronage, so congrats, Hometown peeps! You’re turning us into one heck of a bicycle shop!

Hometown Photos of the Month

Carine Joannou, Pres & CEO of Jamis + Shaun + Dawn at Interbike
MAKING NEW FRIENDS:  One of our favorite parts of Interbike was meeting remarkable people. Here, Dawn and I are sitting pretty with Jamis President and CEO, Carine Joannou (left), who gets where we’re coming from, appreciates where we’re at and is geeked about where we’re going. We came out of that meeting inspired to take on the world. Perfect example of why we love Jamis!

Interbike Desert Ride
DESERT RIDE @ INTERBIKE 2011:  Dry heat didn’t stop cyclists from participating in an Interbike desert expedition. We caught this cyclist on camera along the route to Red Rock Canyon. Wow, right?


Tour de Livingston

Pre-register for a chance to win this sweet Jamis Earth Cruiser
Dawn and I are revving up to be a tour de force at the 2011 Tour de Livingston on our tricked-out tandem. Come out and join us for our epic 100 mile ride, one day before our 1-year wedding anniversary!

PRE-REGISTER before October 3rd to be automatically entered to win the Hometown-donated, Jamis Earth Cruiser (see photo above). Even if it’s not quite your speed, it could just be the perfect holiday gift for someone special! (All Tour proceeds go to Livingston County’s United Way.)

GET 10% OFF ANYTHING IN THE SHOP when you bring your registration in to Hometown before the 2011 Tour de Livingston.

TOUR DE LIVINGSTON:  OCT 9, 2011 @ 8:00 AM
A Family Fun Loop + 10, 28, 38, 62 & 100 mile loops + four new Mountain Bike loops leave from Mt. Brighton Ski LodgeREGISTER NOW!

Hometown Tech Tip: How to Earn Your Racing Stripes

How to earn your racing stripes - cyclist style!
Racing stripes traditionally bring to mind glory, awards, accolades and general awesomeness. But in cycling, it means that skunk stripe of mud running up the back of your shorts and jersey from wet weather riding. Cool, but rough on your clothes.

There is a way to save you from frequent trips to the laundromat. Fenders!

There’s a fender for every shape, size and style of bicycle. If light and sleek is your preference, it exists. If retro funky is more your speed, it exists. If you want to check out the possibilities for your bike, stop in and we’ll help you find the perfect protective gear to keep your mud-slinging wheels from striping your kit.



Hometown's New Hours
TAKE NOTE: Our hours have changed with the season, but we’re still here 7 days a week to help keep you riding!

MON – FRI : 9AM – 7PM

SAT – SUN : 9AM – 5PM


Only 591 repairs left to make 2,011 for 2011
Of course we can! But we’re going to need your help…

You sure stepped up to the plate in 2010 to catapult us past our goal of 1,000 repairs. And you’ve been TERRIFIC this year, rocketing us up 1,420 repairs toward our goal of 2,011 repairs in 2011.

Now the rubber meets the road. Just 591 repairs to go. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Heck, tell strangers.

We promise to impress them all, and make you look good for recommending us!

Visit Us on Facebook!
We’re almost at the big 5-0-0 fan count. Betcha there’s at least 2 more of you who would love to “Like” our Hometown Facebook page!


Hometown Happenings
Location: Start & end at shop
Times: 6PM, every Wednesday
Distance: 15+ miles
Pace: Fast
Terrain: Paved road, Island Lake/Kensington

Location: Start & end at shop
Times: 5PM, every Sunday
Distance: 15-18 miles
Pace: Fast
Terrain: Single track at Island Lake

ALL CONDITIONS RIDE – RAIN OR SHINE. This is training, baby!!
Start & end at shop
Times: 6PM, every Monday
Distance: 25+ miles
Pace: Fast & furious!
Terrain: Single track at any and all of the surrounding parks & dirt roads!

Hometown's Monday Runday
Dawn’s in training. Join her these next few weeks at Runnin’ Gear’s Thursday Night Free Run Clinic, where you run first, then learn cool things after from local experts:

Location: Runnin’ Gear of Brighton
Times: 6:00pm RUN every Thursday (Call ahead to confirm – 810.844.0180)
Distance: 3 mile RUN
Pace: Pick-your-own pace
Terrain: Paved Roads/Sidewalks

Future Hometown Runs will be posted on our Facebook page, so stay tuned.

CLICK HERE to check out our Calendar of Events. Be sure to bookmark it!

“An accomplishment is making just one more pedal revolution.”

                            – Shaun, Your Hometown Bike Guru

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