We’re open ’til 10pm Christmas Eve… ‘cuz Santa said so!

Hometown Bicycles is open 'til 10pm on Christmas Eve!

We know you all have secret hiding places at home, where holiday gifts can be stashed away ’til the big day. But a bicycle won’t exactly fit inside a drawer, behind the shelf or under a cushion.

No problem-o. You can buy it now, and we’ll store it for you until you’re ready to put it under the tree!

And to make Santa stealth mode even easier, we’ll be open until 10:00 PM (yes, that’s 10 in the evening) ON CHRISTMAS EVE. You can pick up your bicycles AND any last minute gifts and stocking stuffers you might need.

20 Days of Ridiculously Awesome Christmas Deals

Have you “liked” us yet on Facebook? Well, if you haven’t before, you’re going to want to now!

For the next 20 days, starting today, we’ll be posting daily deals so amazing, your bicycle will be doing somersaults!!

These deals will ONLY BE PUBLISHED ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE and each will last ONLY ONE DAY. Check for the latest deals at 10am every day.

Availability is limited because of the prices, so as a precaution, we recommend starting your car at 9:55am!

To give you an idea of what’s coming your way, here are sneak previews of the next 5 Daily Deals (starting today):


December 2nd) Planet Bike LED SuperFlash Taillight:
MSRP $29.99, CRAZY DEAL PRICE $19.99

December 3rd) Power Bar Nutrition:

December 4th) Short Finger Riding Gloves:
MSRP $24.99, CRAZY DEAL PRICE $14.99


For full details on these Daily Deals, be sure to check out our Facebook page… daily!

The Hometown Gift Assurance Program

Hometown Gift Assurance

Okay, here’s the deal… we understand that buying a bicycle for someone, without them actually being there, can be scary. What if it doesn’t fit? What if they wanted a different style?

Chill-ax, ‘cuz at Hometown Bicycles, you never have to worry.

We WANT the lucky gift recipient to RIDE and to have FUN doing it. It’s all part of our evil plan to have cyclists take over the world!!! Well, okay, it’s actually because a good fit makes for a good ride, and a good ride makes for an avid cyclist, and we LOVE making people as passionate about cycling as we are!

So, after the holidays, bring/send in the rider with their new bike, and we’ll MAKE SURE it:

1) Fits them physically
2) Fits their needs
3) Fits your budget

Hey, it’s all part of the unique Hometown experience.

“Shut up legs.”Jens Voigt (pro road cyclist),

courtesy of Julie Powers, customer (via Facebook… thanks, Julie!)

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