Hometown Cycling 2012

Hometown Cycling - Our 2012 team

We want to welcome you to our 2012 team: Hometown Cycling!

Hometown Cycling is all about promoting, on the roads and trails, what we promote daily in the shop – that riding is about personal accomplishments and challenging ourselves to be better.

Hometown Cycling Team JerseyWe’ll help you achieve your goals, from doing your first riding event to being the Michigan State Champion… because we’ve done both!

If racing is your thing, you can ride with Hometown’s two State Champion cyclists on our Pro Team to challenge yourself to greater speeds.

If fitness is your goal, join our weekly team rides (see schedule below) for regular, fresh-air exercise.

No matter what your destination might be, Hometown Cycling will help you get there! Visit us now to learn more about joining – the team fun starts on April 1st!


2012 Ride Schedule

Just to whet your appetite for the upcoming cycling season, check out our 2012 Hometown ride schedule below:

Hometown Cycling 2012 Ride Schedule

Keep up with the latest ride details on our Facebook page!

Hometown Photo of the Month

Ian Bradbury rides his Jamis Dakota D29 at Island Lake

A special thanks to Ian Bradbury for providing this edition’s Hometown Photo of the Month! Ian didn’t let a little snow stop him from launching his inaugural ride on his sweet, new Jamis Dakota D29. Island Lake was the perfect setting to put his ride through its paces. Winter cycling can be a beautiful thing on the right bike!

Hometown Tip: Rust-Be-Gone

Rust and corrosion!

With our winter tune-ups revolving around trainer-bound bicycles, we’ve seen enough salt and corrosion to re-sink the Titanic. So this month’s tip is a revisit of our bike’s arch nemisis, SWEAT.

On a trainer, our position over the handlebars, and the lack of air flow indoors, causes sweat to drip and seep into the cracks, crevices and bearings. All this adds up to some of the most corrosive “salt water” our bikes will ever be exposed to.

So, before you rust out your components, remember to:

Keep a fan on you at all times. A little air circulation helps keep the sweat to a minimum.

Throw a towel over your handlebars to block the sweat from reaching your bearings.

Wipe down your bike with clean water after every indoor ride.

Consider using a bike bra to catch the sweat before it even reaches the bike.

The best offense is a good defense when it comes to keeping your bicycle corrosion-free. For more tips, and some good, old fashioned bike banter, stop by our shop!

“I would not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.”
– Francis E. Willard, “How I Learned to Ride the Bicycle”

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