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“Spot the Vibe” Challenge!

Hometown Spot the Vibe FB Photo Challenge

If a quick-n-easy $10 Hometown store credit sounds good to you, read on…

We’ll be running our “Spot the Vibe Facebook Photo Challenge” periodically throughout the coming months, and every time we run it, you have a chance to make out like a bandit. Here’s how it works:

1) Snap a photo of the Hometown Vibe (see above – you can’t miss it!) in any location EXCEPT at the shop or Hometown grounds. You do not need to be in the photo, but that would definitely make it cooler!

2) Post the photo on YOUR Facebook page.

3) Share your photo on Hometown Bicycles’ Facebook page, by clicking the “Share” button below the photo you posted on YOUR page.

This Challenge can occur at any time on any date, and will ONLY BE ANNOUNCED ON FACEBOOK. Only 1 photo will be accepted per person per Challenge, but you can enter as many “Spot the Vibe” Challenges as you want.

So, keep your eyes peeled, your camera phone handy and follow us on Facebook to start racking up those credits!

Hometown Spot the Vibe Facebook Photo Competition

Make Us #1 in Vote 4 the Best ’12

Vote 4 Hometown for SE Michigan's #1 Bike Shop!

Some important Hometown numbers:

  • Years in business: 3
  • Riders back in the saddle with help from Hometown: 3,767
  • 2012 Repair count to date: 773
  • Hours Open: 7-7 DAILY
  • Our E. Grand River in Brighton address: 10605
  • Our 2011 Vote 4 the Best Placing: 2nd of 39 bike shops


Think we can do it? We do, but only with your help! Click the link below to cast your vote, and be sure to bookmark it on your computer –

You can re-vote for us weekly! (Voting re-opens every Monday.)


“Keep the rubber side down.”
– Anonymous

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