Hometown’s Trainer Trial Program & Winter Cycling

Hometown Bicycles Trainer Trial Program

Are you an “innie” or an “outie”?

MEANING: Are you like the postman – braving snow, sleet, cold, and slush for extreme winter biking – or do you prefer cycling snugly in your climate-controlled living room?

Whichever category you fall into, we’ve got you covered.


Hometown Trainer Trial Program
It’s simple:
STEP 1:  Buy the trainer. We’ll show you how to put it together and set up your bike.
STEP 2:  Try it at home for 30 days.
STEP 3:  If you don’t like it, return it with its original packaging for a full refund. If you love it, send all your friends down to buy one, too!

Shaun's Fat Tire Bike
Fat bikes. That’s all we have to say.

Come down to the shop, and check it out. Don’t try it, ‘cuz you’ll want one! Trust us. Shaun already got bit by the fat bike bug…

Hometown Rider Iceman Results

Iceman Race Results at Hometown Bicycles

We’re proud of our peeps! Congrats to all Hometown riders who rode Iceman Cometh 2012 (below). We’ve posted the full results in our window. Come check it out!

RIDER                  DIVISION        TIME         OVERALL PLACE
SCOTT HOFFNER    Pro Cat 1          1:43:58           26
MATT CRAIG          Pro Cat 1          1:45:16           35
ALEX PLESS          Men 25-27         1:59:51           220
DOUG QUEENER    Mens 48            2:06:54           424
RAY DANGELMAIER MYC Schlrshp   2:16:02            776
RYAN ERXLEBEN   Mens 19-24        2:16:56           821
SPENCER GRASL   MYC Schlrshp     2:24:04           1139
JESS KOVACS       Mens 37            2:25:22           1195
NICK BART           Mens 25-27        2:47:02           2193
DAVE CHAPMAN    Mens 47            2:52:43            2422
STEVE DEUTCH     Mens 34            3:12:43            3010
KEN JOHNSON      Mens Clydesdale 3:18:22           3151
GREG TEFF           Mens 49            3:35:00            3431