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Dawn Bhajan resting after a hard day's renovationTHREE YEARS AGO, we launched Hometown Bicycles – not just a store, but a concept. And now it’s time to check in on how we’re doing.

We believe in the sport of cycling down to our very core, so we never wanted to be just another bike retailer – they’re a dime a dozen. Our goal was and is to be the people’s bike shop – a place you visit because you genuinely love being here.

Hometown Bicycles open signAnd some wonderful things have occurred as a result! We got engaged, and then married. A year later, our shop quadrupled in size, and we introduced retail. And a year after that, we got a fish tank (icing on the cake).

BUT THE FUN DIDN’T STOP THERE. We won Best Bike Shop in Southeast Michigan thanks to you, our loyal customers. Then one of the world’s largest bicycle parts distributors, QBP, honored us with the Best Retailer Award. Our shop was recently featured in the Early Hometown Shop RidesLivingston Daily Press & Argus. Organizations of every kind have invited us to participate in their events.

And you’ve given us the greatest reward of all – the opportunity to repair well over 5,000 of your treasured bicycles, so that we could get you back in the saddle and loving your ride.

Hometown pumpkin carving party


ALONG THE WAY, we’ve championed the many, many people who ride because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to. In return, you’ve given us purpose and joy:

•  Tom and Sarah Spangler, who make regular weekend field trips to Hometown just to say “hi”
•  Gary Batherson, who shares his trials and triumphs with Hometown in a way that humbles and enriches us
Lily - A true Hometown shop dog•  Kenny Johnson, a true blue Hometownie, who reliably spends his lunch (… and breakfast… and dinner) hours at our store
•  Don Wood (a.k.a Woody), who in the midst of riding the Ididerot, sent us a photo of our Hometown sticker in Alaska ‘cuz he was thinking about us
•  Megan Holt, who brings us delicious, home-baked cookies with waist-enlarging frequency
Hometown host the Cub Scouts•  Mike Shaw, who revs us up about our shop every time he makes the haul from Livonia because he truly believes in Hometown

These kinds of relationships are the core of our culture, and we appreciate every last one.

WITH THE RISE OF OUR SUCCESS, there’s been a similar rise in customer volume. And though we give our all, sometimes we’re concerned that the true Hometown experience gets lost in the rush of the day. The Hometown Crew goes mountain bikingSo, we all sit back after closing time, and talk about the customers who came in, and whether we made an actual connection.

Our number one fear is becoming “just another bike shop.” We want to always stay connected with you, the people who believe in us.

Hometown's colorful selection of Jamis bikes

TO SUPPORT THAT GOAL, we do cool things, like run daily shop rides, feature customers and their accomplishments on Facebook, and work hard to make this your “happy place.” In addition, we’ll be launching a new, family-friendly, mountain bike race series this fall (stay tuned). Also, don’t be surprised if you get a call from us asking how you like your bike socks, or how you’re recent tune-up is working out; we care about your experience, and genuinely want to know!

Team Hometown BicyclesExpect more events, more communication, and more activities in the coming days. And, if you’re feelin’ it, we would love for you to share your own Hometown experience with us. Include a photo. Show us you’re riding and loving it! We’ll feature your stories in our emails, on our website, and on Facebook.

Thanks so much for always fueling our enthusiasm!

Shaun & Dawn Bhajan

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