Hometown Bicycles Tune-Up Referral Cards

With Michigan cycling season officially kicking off on March 1st, we’re less than 20 days away from all heck breaking loose at Hometown. We’re ready for it. Are you???

Now that we’ve pressed your panic button, here’s what’s going on… get money back from your tune-up and help a friend out in the process! Our Tune-Up Referral Card works like this:

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU:  We’ll put a $5 store credit on your account when your friend brings in the Referral Card with their purchase of a Hometown tune-up.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOUR FRIEND:  Your friend gets a complimentary inner tube when they redeem the Referral Card with their Hometown tune-up.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR HOMETOWN:  Bike people and bike repair – our two favorite things in the world. That makes this program just plain awesome.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOUR COMMUNITY:  Remember, $5 of every, single Hometown tune-up purchased between January 1 – March 31, 2014 is being donated to the Livingston County United Way, which runs programs that directly benefit our community.

Livingston County United Way logo

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