Fun Times at the Tour de Livingston

BRISK AND BEAUTIFUL: Tour de Livingston riders enjoyed incredible fall scenery at this year’s ride. Our Whitmore Lake shop – an official rest stop – was overflowing with energized cyclists, and we had a blast visiting with customers at our SAG support station at Mt. Brighton.

Below are photos from the event. Be sure to check out the Tour de Livingston Facebook page and Hometown Bicycles’ Facebook page for more posts on one of our favorite local events!

From left:  Cyclists gathering at dawn; Shaun & Dawn join Race Director Peter Bowen to draw the raffle bike winner; Congrats to Jack L. for winning our Jamis!

From left:  Lining up for take-off; Debbie G. and son rode the Hometown tandem in the Tour; Riders refresh at the Hometown Bicycles Whitmore Lake rest stop.

Bike Lights & Night Safety Clinic: Get Lit!
bike lightsWHAT: In this clinic, we’ll cover everything from the various styles, features, and benefits of bike lights, to where they go and why, to which lights you need and which you don’t.

Immediately after, anyone who’s interested can join us for a Devil’s Night Shop Ride, where you’ll be able to take our lights for a test spin! This ride will be a short, Island Lake road and trail mash-up for all levels of riders. We’ll finish up with a cozy autumn bonfire back at the shop.


WHERE: Hometown Bicycles of Brighton

Although there’s no charge, we do ask that you register in advance, so that we can plan ahead and make this an awesome event for everyone!




Customer Highlight: Riding the Apple Cider Century
(Photo op at Apple Cider Century: Vicky’s 3rd from the right. Photo courtesy of Vicky.)

Intelligent, fun, bike obsessed… Vicky Vulaj is one of our favorite cyclists! Vicky recently rode the Apple Cider Century – all glorious, vibrant, 100 miles of it – and came out of it smiling ear to ear. Here’s what Vicky has to say about cycling:

I love being a Triathlete. With each discipline, I learn something new about my body and my will. But, with cycling, I learn so much more about my own self, my drive and perseverance. I started riding casually on my Schwinn, around Kensington mostly (not the road, the path) and it served me well for the time but as I looked more and more forward to getting on my bike, I knew I needed something that was smoother and faster and got my first road bike, my Jamis.

As important as speed is in a Triathlon, I personally look forward to settling into the saddle and gauging my form and strength, once my body and bike are in sync, I feel like the bike is an extension of me and I can relax, take in my surroundings (as I so often do, even in a race) and breath in the air. I love that feeling of forward movement that only comes from a bike, sure we run and swim but it’s so different, so much more rewarding.

My training rides have taken me into Island Lake, South Lyon, Dexter and Chelsea and I love them every bit as much (or more) than any competition. I’ve also ridden a few centuries and a few metric centuries. I’m so grateful to have discovered cycling and hope to keep rolling and improving for a long, long time.

And here’s what she has to say about the Apple Cider Century:

“Simply stated, The Apple Cider Century is a wonderful, scenic and very enjoyable Fall Ride. The quaint town of Three Oaks, Michigan provided a great overall experience; from the genuinely welcoming locals, easy in-and-out traffic, and most importantly Nelson’s Saloon for great burgers and beer
(however, the ride does include a spaghetti dinner).

Packet-pickup was efficient and well-organized considering they had to roll-out over 5,000 riders. The energy was in high-gear and the weather was a perfect 75 degrees with blue skies for miles and miles. The trails were well marked and maps were provided. SAG support was plentiful with vehicles throughout the course and the SAG stops were plentiful with water, gatorade and snacks for refueling.

Most importantly, for me, the eclectic course provided scenery that kept us constantly in the presence of our surroundings and never bored. From canopies of tree-lined and winding country roads, creeks and bridges to vast fields of grazing land, with beautifully architectured farmhouses, “eau de farmland” included It was a mini vacation; a day to grab your bike and explore the part of our state that takes you away from the daily grind.

The Apple Cider Century is a great ride that offers all the ingredients of an enjoyable day and discussions of next years tour happened on the drive home.”
Vicky Vulaj



Community Highlight: Get the scoop on this bike-friendly plan

Have you heard the good news?! Brighton Township is, as we type, laying out bike-friendly pathways that will stretch from Old 23 to Pleasant Valley along Grand River and eventually connect at Kensington Road. The lane will pass right in front of our Brighton store, and we’ve been enjoying the bustle of surveyors as they plot the route. WHOO-HOO!

Want to know more? Check out the links below:




Industry Highlight: One retailer’s mission to enforce safe cycling

Something we should institute at Hometown Bicycles? Three cheers for this industry-championing retailer who refuses to let irresponsible cyclists give cycling a bad name.
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