The End of the Beginning

Hometown Bicycles is moving



For over 5 years now, our bicycle shop has been evolving in its modest home. We’ve jokingly called it our first child (sorry, Liam!), but that’s really not too far from the truth. We’ve raised it from a fledgling service shop to a full-out, bursting-at-the-seams cyclists’ haven.

It’s inspired people to laugh, achieve, dream, smile, and RIDE. It’s witnessed our engagement, marriage, first home, and first baby. It’s been a resource for our crew, our customers, and our community. It’s set a new standard for the “bike shop experience.”

So, we guess what we’re trying to say is…

Hometown Bicycles new location

YAHOOOO!! We’re moving!!!

Hometown Bicycles is moving!THE NEXT FEW DAYS

Here’s how it’s going down… WE ARE OPEN for today and tomorrow in our current location. Though the shop is a move-in-progress, WE ARE STILL ACCEPTING BICYCLES FOR SERVICE during this time.

However, STARTING THIS THURSDAY, we are officially out of there!


Following the move is new shop set-up, so we’ll be taking a brief time to get everything finalized and placed. Pending approvals, we anticipate re-opening in our new home by theTour de Livingston!

Because of the enormity of this project, this will likely be a multi-phase opening, with the Grand Opening celebration happening later in the month. But maybe that’s for the best… we don’t want to incapacitate you by unleashing too much awesome at once!

Stay tuned to our emails, website, and Facebook for the latest Hometown updates. They’re getting more interesting by the second…

~ Shaun, Dawn, Liam & The Crew