Growing family of cyclists


For the sake of my vanity, as much as out of sheer joy, Shaun and I would like to formally announce that… WE’RE EXPECTING ANOTHER BABY!!!

I’m done wearing bulky shirts and trying to suck in my gut… it wasn’t donuts that put this fat bike tire around my midsection, and we’re ready to celebrate our excitement with our Hometown family!

No info yet on whether Liam will have a brother or sister, but we do know that he or she will turn our three-person family into a wonderful FOUR this Fall.

What’s especially cool is that, as our little family is growing, so is our extended Hometown family. So many new faces! You’ve all been WONDERFUL when it comes to spreading the word about Hometown, and we love you for it. Thanks for helping us build a dream-home-away-from-home for our customers, our community, and for our pint-sized Hometownies!



Singletrack trail
Although the early thaw has made many of our beloved trails already ride-ready, we believe it’s important to impart this gem of trail wisdom – a Sermon-ette on the Mount-ain Bike Trail, if you will – from Hometown’s very own, uproariously clever “CycloDan” Tribble:

Hometown Bicycles' CycloDan Tribble“And so it is written, that every year during the sacred freeze-thaw cycle, thou shalt abstain from the hallowed singletrack until the worm that creepeth upon the face of the earth comes forth. But if it be in any man’s heart to ride let him go unto the land of the roadie, yea even unto Tar-Mac, and he shall be blessed with aerobic fitness in abundance. But in the day that thou partake of the forbidden singletrack you shall surely be cursed and your bearings and your bottom bracket shall seize and perish. There will be much grinding and gnashing of teeth that no chain lube can silence!”

– Rev. CycloDan


Bicycle wreaths by Cindy Selke

We met Cindy at our Last Chance Rescue pet adoption event, where she’d donated two exquisitely hand-crafted wreaths to raise money for a rescue dog’s surgery. So, in addition to talent, we can already tell you that Cindy has HEART.

Inspired by a one-hour Bordine’s class in wreath making, Green Oak Twp. residents Cynthia Selke & Terrie Hudnut got crafty, and launched Sutherland Creations as a business outlet for their wreath-making. Using a combination of materials – like burlap, ribbon, and metallic mesh – Cindy and Terrie found unlimited ways to personalize any wreath. They believe that “there truly is a wreath for every event and every season, including cycling!”

Cindy’s brought in two, gorgeous, bicycle, ribbon wreaths that are ready to grace the walls or doors of your home. You’ve got to see these in person!



Hometown Bicycles store hours

It always seems to astonish our customers that we’re open such long hours, but here’s the deal… our mission is to get you to your happy place. That’s hard to do if we’re not available when it’s convenient for YOU!

WE’RE OPEN 7AM-9PM ON WEEKDAYS, giving you a chance to drop your bike off before work so it’s ready to rock the roads and trails with you at day’s end… or so that you can pick up last minute need-to-gets on your way back from dropping off the kids… or whatever gets you cranking those pedals.

AND WE’RE OPEN 9AM-5PM BOTH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, because cycling doesn’t happen just on Saturdays. Consider us your weekend support crew!

The long and short of it is that we’re here for you when YOU need us. And that’s how we roll at Hometown Bicycles!

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