Happy Labor Day

HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND, HOMETOWNIES!  All of us at Hometown wish you and your family a weekend filled with adventures and time with your favorite people… which could include us! Yes! We are open on Labor Day to help support your holiday cycling adventures…

SATURDAY (9/2) & SUNDAY (9/3) :  9AM – 5PM

LABOR DAY (9/4) :  9AM – 3PM

Ladies Night Out at Hometown Bicycles on Tuesday, September 19th from 6-9pm

Ladies Night Out at Hometown Bicycles flierSince our last newsletter, we have THREE, new gems of information to share about Ladies Night Out at Hometown Bicycles!!
  1. We will be closing the shop at 6pm, so that the evening can be all about YOU!
  2. In addition to the 2018 Spring line of women’s cycle wear fashions, our Shebeest Trunk Show will now also spotlight many of the TOP SELLERS for Fall 2017!
  3. There will be chocolate covered strawberries! (SIGN ME UP RIGHT NOW!!)

Details can be found HERE, or click the image above right for a printable flier, but as a quick refresher, a $40 pre-registration gets you:

•   30-minute, beginner Yoga Class with Body Within
•   Wine and hors d’oeuvres tasting with a certified professional ($20 value)
•   $20 Hometown Bicycles Gift Certificate
•   Goodie Bag (valued at $35)
•   Wonderful Ladies-Night-Out deals on women-specific bikes, apparel, and accessories
•   Unique Trunk Show + discounted pre-ordering of Shebeest’s 2017 Fall / 2018 Spring line!

Shebeest womens cycling wear


shebeest logoAs of yesterday, it’s official… we are now your local resource for one of the most functional AND fashion forward, women-specific cycle wear lines on the planet. When I say we’re excited, that could potentially qualify as the understatement of the year! Shebeest’s mission statement is as follows:

Developed by women riders specifically for women riders, shebeest is dedicated to delivering cycling wear with impeccably tailored, on-the-bike fit and performance-boosting technical features without compromising flattering, feminine style. Each shebeest piece is designed to empower the female cyclist to take on her own two-wheeled adventures that will energize and enhance her happiness, health, and spirit.

Yeah!! Watch for Shebeest apparel arriving at our shop over the coming weeks and, if you’re a gal, and you want a full flavor for what this brand has to offer, sign up for our Ladies Night Out at Hometown Bicycles, where you’ll get a Trunk Show preview of (and special discounts on!) the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 lines!

Hometown Bicycles Service Crew racing in the MiSCA interscholastic cycling series(Hometown Crew from left to right: Conor Riddle, Joe Shafer, Matt Persha, Andrew Jackson, Kade Wirth, and Mason Verbison.)


We’re enormously proud of the high school members of Hometown’s Service Crew, pictured above, who just competed in their first interscholastic mountain bike race of the season. These guys study hard, work hard, ride hard… and are some of the nicest humans you’ll ever meet.

Kudos to Kade and Mason, who carried home a 2nd and 3rd consecutively in JV. And please join us in cheering up Andrew, whose untimely broken wrist will prevent him from riding most of his Senior Year season. He’s been philisophically and stoically “Andrew” about it, but we’re bummed for him nonetheless.

It’s funny how seeing this photo makes Shaun and I nostalgic. We remember when Brighton Cycling team was just a twinkle in one particularly memorable Hometownie’s eye… and in honor of the upcoming school year and team cycling season, this seems like a truly fitting time to share the story with you about how it all got started…

Brighton Cycling's first logo and team members CJ, Matt, and Andrew
(Left: Original Brighton Cycling logo; Right: CJ, Matt & Andrew are among the 1st team members)


Back in 2011, Hometown’s 6th employee, CJ Brish, was a highly-driven, high school wrestling star, who took up bike riding to cut weight. But, man, did he love to ride! CJ competed independently at as many bike races as he could fit into his packed schedule.

Hometown Bicycles CJ Brish and Ray Danglemaier
(Clockwise from top left: CJ at his 1st road race – Milford Crit; Ray and CJ sporting the original Hometown race kit; Ray gleefully building up the bike he earned as part of a Jamis Grassroots Sponsorship)

At one particular race, he noticed Lake Orion kitted out as a team, and that got him wondering… could he rally up a team of his own? He put the question to Shaun, and after some brainstorming, they decided CJ’s first connection should be with Brighton High School principal, Gavin Johnson. A GREAT choice, as it turned out.

Gavin was extremely receptive, and he challenged CJ to market the idea to fellow students. CJ quickly recruited a handful of cyclists, including two you may know, as they also became members of Hometown’s early crew – Ray Danglemaier and Jack Johnson. With undeniable student interest, the support of Gavin and BHS teacher (and Hometownie) Ted Buckless, and a remarkable level of advocacy from parents like Hometown VIP Dennis Hall, Brighton Cycling was born!

Hometown Bicycles CJ Brish and Ray Danglemaier
(CJ and Ray come home tired but hooked after their very first Iceman!)

Since 2011, we’ve seen the team grow better, stronger, and faster – even winning two State Championships with the help of Hometown’s intellectual speedster, Colin Wood, who Captained Brighton Cycling. Coaches TJ and Shawn Tyrrell have trained the team to a whole new level of incredible, and in true family fashion (you know how much we love that here at Hometown), that included their daughter, Brooke!

Hometown Bicycles' CJ Brish raced for Lindenwood on scholarship
(CJ racing for Lindenwood at the Collegiate National Championships)

We’re so proud to see how Brighton Cycling has grown and evolved. We’re so proud of ALL of our interscholastically racing staff: Andrew Jackson (who’s currently trying to get a team started at St. Mary’s), Matt Persha (who races for Catholic Central), and our Bulldogs – Conor Riddle (team Captain), Joe Shafer, Mason Verbison, and Kade Wirth. Come out and cheer them on at their next school race on September 10th at Island Lake. Younger riders kick off at 10am and the rest begin at 11:30am.

Hometown Bicycles' Ray Danglemaier raced for Brevard on Scholarship
(Ray racing for Brevard at the Collegiate National Championships. They won!)

We’re also super proud of where the sport of cycling has taken some of our original Hometownies…

CJ and Ray, with their intense drive and focus, earned cycling scholarships to Lindenwood (CJ) and Brevard (Ray). CJ, by the way, is currently living his dream, working for Back Country Bikes in Colorado, and biking the insane “hills” of the region.

Hometown Bicycles CJ Brish and Ray Danglemaier with with Jamis pro rider Rotem Ishay
(Ray and CJ geeking out as they get to meet Jamis Pro Rider Rotem Ishay)

Looking forward, we’re currently working with Debbie Andrews, a teacher in Howell, and Tom Hermann, a Team Hometown rider and teacher in the Pinckney Schools system, who are trying to start teams in their communities. If you’re interested in helping them out, contact the shop, and we’ll connect you. You never know what kind of legacy your support will create!

Team Hometown Bicycles' Mike Dyer, Scott Simpson, and Olga "The Romanian Rocket" Negrut at Maybury Time Trial
(Clockwise from top left: The Simpson family sporting Junior Hometownie t-shirts designed by Marley [2nd from left], Mike Dyer powers down the backstretch, Olga Negrut triumphs with a 1st in Women’s Expert, and Scott Simpson podiums 1st in Retro Class)


Our Team had a busy weekend, starting with a triumphant takeover at the 12th annual Maybury State Park Time Trial, which benefits the MCMBA. Mike Dyer put in a powerful ride, Scott Simpson nabbed a 1st in Retro Class, and Olga “The Romanian Rocket” Negrut topped off her typical, stellar performance with a 1st in Women’s Expert. Way to go, Team!

Team Hometown Bicycles' Joe Ostervik at Debaets-Devos Criterium Race

Joe Ostervik (above) took Hometown for a heady spin around the 1.35 mile loop at the Annual Debaetes-Devos Pro-Am Bicycle Race in Auburn Hills. You can “ride” this Criterium Championship with Joe, by clicking his video above! Nice riding, Joe!

Hurrah! to all of you who are participating in this weekend’s Milford Labor Day 30K Fat Tire/Cyclocross Ride. And we want to give a special shout out to Team Captain Brian Forhan, who goes in for back surgery on Wednesday. Brian, we’re rooting for this to get you back in the saddle, pain-free and rarin’ to roll! Best wishes from all of your Hometownies!!

AMY’S BLOG: 9/1/17

Hometown Bicycles' Amy Gluck at Running Between the VinesEvery week, Hometown’s Amy Gluck – former All-American IRONMAN triathlete, survivor of a horrific accident, and now ferociously determined to return to IRONMAN – shares a piece of her ongoing story. This week, Amy waxes poetic (well, educational) on why drinking and running are a good mix!:

… What’s the deal with alcohol at a fitness event, you’re wondering?  For this one, it kills two birds with one stone!  The wine tasting entices more people to give running a try.  And the race entices runners to give wines a try.  Two different worlds bringing an interesting group of people together… READ ON 

Amy’s full blogs are posted HERE on our website.

Bike path in Kensington Metropark


Non motorized transportation in Livingston County flierWe hear it all the time – intense concern about the lack of safe bike ways in our community. Sidewalks are too narrow for safe, 2-way passage, and many of our roads’ shoulders are anything BUT cyclist-friendly!

Here’s your chance to speak up and make a difference! This forum, presented by the Livingston County Transportation Coalition, was shared with us by LCTC Chairman, Leo Hannifin (thanks, Leo!) All interested community members are invited to join the discussion centered around:

  • How would a county-wide network of non-motorized paths and lanes impact our communities and our residents?     
  • What non-motorized routes would be most desirable in our county or from our county to nearby destinations?

The forum runs Tuesday, September 12th from 3-4:15pm at 622 E. Grand River in Howell. CLICK HERE for more information.

MCMBA's National Mountain Bike Patrol training at Hometown Bicycles


Earlier this year, the upstanding group of outstanding individuals pictured above met at Hometown Bicycles for an intense course in helping riders in distress. Hosted by the MCMBA, the National Mountain Bike Patrol training used our Community Room for classroom education, and our backyard trail for hands-on learning.

MCMBA’s Randy Kessler will be running a second Mountain Bike Patrol training at our shop on September 23rd from 10am-3pmClick HERE to learn more and to register for this gallant group!

Cool Hedge Creations Sign Painting Party options
(Images courtesy Cool Hedge Creations)


Melissa of Cool Hedge Creations is offering a class in our Community Room on Tuesday, September 12th from 6-9pm. She says:

Join me for a night of painting! You will create your very own personalized wooden sign.  Your creation can be a selection of one of 4 and will take 2-3 hours to create. You choose your image and the color of stain for your 20″ x 24″ sign, and I will prepare it for you to transfer your image. Then, complete it by painting the image the colors of your choice.  No creative skill necessary to create your masterpiece! (Registration and $50 prepayment required, please – see link below.)


Poses, Pedals and Pints logoBased out of Downtown Brighton’s beautiful Brewery Becker, this event opens with beginner-friendly yoga, courtesy of event coordinator Tocca Massage & Yoga, follows up with a scenic and recreational bike ride with Hometown Bicycles (new route!), and ends with a long, cool pull from the taps of Brewery Becker.

Hometown Bicycles Sunday Hartland Gravel Grinder Shop Ride


9:00PM (meet at 8:45) from Hometown Bicycles
It’s a different world out there when you’re riding by bike light! This week, we’ll ride to the Island Lake trails, accessing them from the gravel roads. This will be an INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED pace. Make sure your lights are charged for this ride in the dark! We will re-group throughout the trail. Mountain and Fat Bikes are encouraged to join this ride. Details can be found HERE.

9:00AM (meet at 8:45) from Hartland Township Hall
A holiday weekend can’t put a stopper on these gravel road warriors! We’re up to nearly 36 miles with approx. 2,000′ of climb (which, for MI, is a TON of climb!) on beautiful and EXTREMELY hilly country roads (and limited pavement) – all with wonderful ride companions! This is an intermediate/advanced ride (check out Tuesday’s Gravel Grinding 101 for a less grueling option.) Expect several long, tough climbs at a MINIMUM 14-15 MPH pace. Cross/Gravel, Mountain, and Fat bikes are welcome. Meet in the lower parking lot (turn right once in the drive) 2655 Clark Rd, Hartland, MI 48353. Click HERE for this Facebook event.

***  in observance of the holiday weekend! Happy Labor Day!  ***
We wish you a wonderful Labor Day weekend with your family and friends. Our regular ride schedule kicks back into gear on Tuesday, but you can still get your ride fix on our Sunday Hartland Gravel Grinder (see above), or visit us at the shop this weekend for general bike geekery!

6:00PM (meet at 5:45) from Hometown Bicycles  *** EARLIER START TIME ***
Ladies, this one’s just for you! This weekly, women-only road ride is for gals of all ability levels. We’ll ride the well-known “green dumpster” loop at Island Lake – about 14 miles of road – at a conversational, 11+mph pace. Road bikes recommended, NO DROP RIDE. Afterward, relax, connect, and rehydrate at a behind-the-shop, BYOB bonfire with your new cycling buddies! Stay tuned to our Facebook events page for ride/weather updates.

6:00PM (meet at 5:45) from Hometown Bicycles  *** EARLIER START TIME ***
Join Hometown service guru, Dan ‘CycloDan’ Tribble, for this unique, gravel grinding adventure ride.  **It’s time to start bringing lights!!**  We’ll tackle road, singletrack, and gravel, including portions of Island Lake, hopping a guardrail, sand “puddles”, and a few hills just for fun! Plan for just over an hour, covering 13+ miles at a 12 – 13 mph average pace. Gravel, adventure, or mountain/fat bikes required (not appropriate for skinny tires). All levels of riders are welcome – NO DROP RIDE. Check here for ride updates.

This is a DROP RIDE! 
6:00PM (meet at 5:45) from Hometown Bicycles  *** EARLIER START TIME ***

Bring your “A” game, and see if you can stay on this crazy train of talented individuals as they push each other to find new limits. You’ll want the fastest road bike you own, as the pace averages 20 mph through 2 laps (40 miles) of Island Lake roads. Expect the flats pace to range 24 – 28 mph! Check Facebook for ride updates.

**For those that would like to build up to the original Hammerfest** Also rolling at 6:30 from Hometown Bicycles, this ride includes 25 miles (1 lap of ILRA & the Kensington Loop). Average pace targeted at 17 – 18 mph, with flats of 20+ mph.

9:00AM (meet at 8:45) from Hometown Bicycles
This conversational morning ride will find us exploring Island Lake’s beautiful park roads. The plan this week is to ride 1-1.5 hours at a 10 mph average pace. Ride whatever bike will work for the pace and your desired exercise level. This is a NO DROP ride. Check Facebook for ride confirmation/changes due to weather.

For ALL SHOP RIDES, be sure to FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK for ride confirmations and updates!

Fitness classes at Hometown Bicycles - Yoga with Tocca Massage, Zumba with Leslie Barrett, and Cardio Drumming with Martha Soraruf(Photo cred: Yoga pic at left courtesy Ashley Knuth of Tocca Massage & Yoga)


Hey, Hometownies! Mark your calendars for these fantastic fitness programs running right here at your favorite bike shop:

Cardio Drumming with Martha Soraruf at Hometown BicyclesCARDIO DRUMMING | Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 6:45PM
$5 class fee / $5 equipment rental – With Martha Soraruf
Click to learn more

Vinyasa Yoga class at Hometown Bicycles in Brighton with Ashley Knuth of Tocca Massage and YogaDYNAMIC YOGA | Coming Soon!
$10 drop in – With Ashley Knuth of Tocca Massage & Yoga
Click to learn more

Zumba with Leslie Barrett at Hometown BicyclesZUMBA | Mondays at 6PM & Thursdays at 9:30AM
$8 drop in or “10 classes for $50” punch card – With Leslie Barrett
Click to learn more

We offer financing at Hometown Bicycles through Synchrony Financial

Hometown Bicycles womens road ride at Island Lake during sunset

Everything starts with a sunrise, but it’s what we do before it sets that matters.

– K. McGraw

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