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Happy Birthday bicycle with balloons

Celebrating Our Aluminum Anniversary

Somehow it seems fitting that aluminum is the metal of choice for a 10-year anniversary, since it’s one of the most popular materials for manufacturing bicycles. 

Although we can’t celebrate like we had planned, we ask that on April 15th, you raise your glass in a “shelter-in-place” toast to YOUR bicycle shop.


While you celebrate with us from afar, here are 10 Fun Facts about Hometown Bicycles:

1.90+  In the 10 years we’ve been in business, we have hired over 90 people. In many cases, this was their first job, and we’re really proud to see how our young crew have matured and evolved over time. And we’re equally proud to know that they still feel like part of the Hometown family.

2.8 Years  Our longest-standing crew member is Chris Buddingh, who started with us in 2012. Chris has been with us through a world of changes. We’re so grateful that he decided to share his retirement years with us – thank you, Chris!

3.2 Shops  Did you know that, at one point, Hometown Bicycles had a second location? It was a cool, little cabin in Whitmore Lake – the ultimate, small town bike shop.

4.Tax Day  Our decision to open on Tax Day 2010 was intentional! During construction, one of our earliest supporters jokingly mentioned that “all businesses are… are tax collectors for the government.” After a good laugh, we decided “hey – April 15th it is!” Thank you, Wheelin’ Willie.

5.23,002  This is the number of repairs Hometown Bicycles has completed to date. We’re insanely proud of this accomplishment because we have been service focused since Day 1 – a concept that is revolutionizing the bike business.

6.Steve Reed  Customer #1, and the only customer who has his photo on our number plate wall. Steve was the first customer to come in and give us the opportunity to fix his bike, and the coolest part – it was a recumbent. We envisioned our first repair being an ultra-sleek, highly technical machine. Instead, it was a recumbent cruiser… and that was perfect.

7.20-Hour Days  Initially, through the build process, and being super excited, Dawn and I worked 20-hour days – painting, fixing, getting everything set up and ready to go. After opening on April 15th, we thought our 20-hour days were over. 10 years and 2 kids later, 20-hour days are still the norm!

8.3,212  This the number of bicycles we’ve sold since opening. Although bicycle retail isn’t our primary focus, we always believe in giving good advice and matching the customer’s needs to the right product. We’re happy that we have been able to help so many people find their new bike.

9.10595  This is the address of our current “bicycle adventure center”. In 2014, we had the opportunity to move to a new space, and help the shop grow. The new facility gave us the chance to hold better classes, better rides, better community events, concerts… and even create a business incubator! We’re really proud of this accomplishment.

10.100+  … is how long we’re planning on sticking around! We know that 2020 has been a tough year for everyone. It’s a weird way to celebrate – together, separately. However, let’s get over this hump, and we’ll look forward to another 100+ years of birthday celebrations.

Free Emergency Bike Repair UPDATE

Shaun Bhajan of Hometown Bicycles in COVID-19 face mask

Our free emergency bike repairs have definitely been a value add to our community. There have been a tidal wave of repairs coming in that we’ve been able to address immediately to keep people riding.

With Governor Whitmer’s most recent Order update, and with stricter rules in place, we are going to have to slightly modify how we are able to help.

1. Please REMAIN IN YOUR CAR. We will take your bike off and put your bike back on your car. We don’t want anyone congregating at our front door – any lingerers will be asked to leave!

2. Absolutely NO ONE IS ALLOWED IN THE STORE. We’ve had a few people sneak in. We get it – you love us. We love you, too, but please – even if our front door is unlocked, we’re trying our best to comply with the Governor’s mandate, and follow the CDC guidelines. Hang tight in your cars – we promise we’ll come out and help you.

3. Service is limited to EMERGENCY REPAIRS ONLY. We’ve had a few tune-up requests, and as much as we’d love to help, we are not able to perform “regular spring tune-ups” until after the mandate is lifted. Our goal is to simply make sure your bike is safe, and you are safe.

4. We’re limiting repairs to ONE BIKE PER CUSTOMER. We’ve had multiple people come down with a truckload of bikes. We love your enthusiasm, but our goal right now is to help as many customers as possible. Please help us do that by respecting this rule. (Note: If you have multiple emergency repairs, we will try our best to help you, but will only work on one at a time. In other words, 2 bikes = 2 visits.)


  • Flat tires
  • Broken cables
  • Broken spokes
  • Brakes not functioning
  • Gears not functioning

There is NO CHARGE for labor – this is a volunteer effort. You will be charged for parts, if needed. We’d rather see you cycling safe than attempt a repair yourself that could have catastrophic results.


We are still offering online ordering – please see details below.

We’ve got your back, Hometownies

Hometown-to-You Ordering is Still LIVE!

Want more options? store sign

We are SO excited to announce that, in partnership with awesome super-vendor QBP, you can now order bicycle parts and accessories from Hometown that will get shipped to your house in as quick as 2 days.

It’s really simple:

STEP 1:  Call the shop between 10am-3pm every day – (810) 225-2441.

STEP 2:  Dial 1 to connect with Andy, our sales lead. He’ll be able to answer questions and take your order.

STEP 3:  Let him know what you want, and it will be shipped directly to you.

Easy peasy!