Taught by Keep and Bear, LLC, this female-only course covers multiple facets of protection including situational awareness, instinctual responses, and nonphysical applications to preclude an encounter where protection is required.

From there, physical force applications are instructed including striking, force multipliers (hand weapons), and using them to assist in strikes and escapes from common grabs and other grapples.

These applications are intended to result in escape from a controlling engagement so the defender can reassess the situation and act to prevent harm (usually by escaping, neutralizing with physical force, or creating the time and distance necessary to bring lethal force options to bear).

Course Details:

  • An Introduction Packet will be sent to you upon registration.
  • This course is 1.5 hours long.
  • This course is moderately physically demanding. You will not be asked to push harder than you are able.
  • This course includes mild stress induction.
  • Live blades and weapons are not permitted in the training area.
  • Trainees will be expected to sign a waiver to partake in class.
  • There will be a short break at the 1/2 point of class.

Trainee Considerations:

  • This course is for females only, age 12+.
  • Non-adult trainees must be accompanied by an adult.

Register HERE!

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