Come join us for a day of riding bikes around Milford’s well-connected trail system!

Did you know that 5 single track mountain bike trails are fully accessible from Downtown Milford?  Join the Motor City Mountain Biking Association for the Milford Bike Fest and Trail Challenge as we showcase some of our favorite mountain bike trails, raise money for trail maintenance and youth cycling, and then celebrate by supporting local downtown establishments!

Tailor your ride from family-friendly, paved-path rides to an all-day epic adventure combining all 5 trails and totaling up to 100 miles.


Shop will be closed on Memorial day MONDAY May 30th

LMB Calendar coverHey Hometownies, ready to ride, here is a link to the 2022 LMB Ride Calendar. Developed annually, our ride calendar lists hundreds of cycling events including tours, races, and advocacy events. LMB Tours and $1 Per Rider events generate essential funding for our organization—an easy way to help make Michigan a more bicycle friendly state!

LMB Ride Calendar and  Michigan Trails Magazine both available at the shop

Escape to Michigan’s wild places. Explore old abandoned railways reinvented as paved pathways linking cities and small towns through shady forests and vast verdant farmland. Hike or bike a singletrack through unspoiled wilderness. Paddle secluded shorelines and peaceful rivers.

Unplug. Unwind. Clear your mind. Share an adventure with family and friends. Feel the kiss of fresh air as you hike, bike, skate, ski, paddle or run on Michigan’s growing network of non-motorized, multi-use trails.

Hometownies, We know the last couple of years have been tough for everyone. With product shortages everywhere, every business being short staffed, shutdowns, slow restarts, uncertainty, the list goes on.

One thing to keep in mind is we are still committed to our customers, and our community.

We have made significant (and rocky) changes at the shop as businesses evolve to be better.  Here are a few.

1. We revamped our service shop.  We added new work stands, revamped our wash room and changed our operation to be more efficient. We have noticed a significant increase in our service volume (Highest it has ever been) but we are still beyond the 2 day turn around that you are used too. I am proud of the crew for working extra hard to keep up but we are still averaging 7-10 days for repairs ( Parts permitting). Thank for your understanding.

2. We updated our phone system. This has frankly been a nightmare and we are still working out the bugs. We understand that communication is important and understand that you chose us for your bike needs. Be patient, we promise we will work this one out.

3. We implemented a new texting service and it is fantastic. Now you will get text alerts as your bike goes through the service que at the shop. We are super excited for this.

These are just a few of the changes that are going on, so if you come in and we look dazed and seems like we are juggling chainsaws, know that there are things in place to get everyone back to their happy place. #stayHTBstrong

Thank you
Shaun & the Crew 

Would you and your little ones want to ride in the 4th of July parade? Join Hometown and the entire crew in partnership with the BRIGHTON OPTIMIST CLUB for the 4th of July parade in down town Brighton

Each summer, we really look forward to the Brighton 4th of July Parade — in a collaboration with Brighton Optimist Club, Hometown Bicycles leads a family-friendly ride down Main Street for all ages! It’s a fantastic red, white and blue display of awesomeness to see so many people on bikes, enjoying this tradition with their children and grandchildren.

The more you know……………………..

Michigan bicycle attorney, Bryan Waldman, regularly publishes “A Legal Handbook for Michigan Cyclists,” which is a popular informational resource used throughout the bicycling community and is available at many local Michigan bike shops. A new version with recently passed bike laws is now available!The laws that apply to almost anything related to a bicycle are governed by state law. This includes the rules for riding a bicycle and the rules for driving a motor vehicle when a bicycle is on the road. State law also typically dictates what insurance claims are available when there is an injury or property damage as the result of an incident involving the use of a bicycle. This handbook is intended to be a legal resource for residents and visitors of Michigan who ride bikes.Get Your Free Michigan Bike Passing Bumper Sticker
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