It all started with a customer’s question: “How many repairs have you done?” The answer blew MY mind: 921. But that also made me realize that we’re just 79 repairs away from 1,000.

Basically, that was the moment the challenge was set. We can’t stand being this close to the big 1-0-0-0 in our first year of business, and not bust our chops to make those last 79 repairs happen by the end of the year. It’s like going for a 10 mile bike ride, and bailing after 9.25.

It’s totally do-able, and hitting that 1,000 repair mark would be super freakin’ awesome!

That’s where you come in. We’re offering you a “super freakin’ awesome” incentive to pull your bikes out of hibernation, or off their trainers, and bring them in for the overhaul of their lives. Based on our track record, you’ll only be missing your bike for a day.

Hometown’s “Super Freakin’ Awesome” Tune-Up Incentive

The next 78 tune-up/repairs that walk through our door BEFORE DECEMBER 31ST will get:

  • A COMPLETE OVERHAUL – New cables, new housing, new bar tape (where applicable), and a complete clean and degrease. You’re bike will ride like greased lightning, and sparkle in places you didn’t know could shine.
  • A 25% OFF ANY PRODUCT COUPON – That includes bikes, parts, accessories and special orders, and expires January 15th. Right now, there’s 78 coupons left. (Thanks, Jackie!)
  • FAME – We’ll post a pic of you and your bike on our “1,000 or BUST!” Facebook Wall of Fame.


And to make it even easier, starting December 8th, we’re reinstating our 7AM to 7PM hours until we hit 1,000. You can keep track of the Countdown to 1,000 on our website and Facebook page.

Are we nuts? Likely. But, hey, we’re on a mission.
Will you help make our 1,000 repair goal happen by December 31, 2010?


Jackie Z. gave us repair # 922. You rock, Jackie! ...Now who's next?

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