Life is good at Hometown Bicycles

Good times at Hometown

Life is good over here at Hometown. We’ve had a kick-arse year of bicycle booyah at our repair shop. Since April, we’ve accomplished nearly 900 get-you-back-on-your-bike repairs. We’ve met cyclists who’ve literally ridden their cranks off, who’ve rocked the roads and trails, who’ve competed their way into the Nationals, who’ve made us what we are today and who’ve become family in the process.


This is how we do it at Hometown

Yeah... that's how renovation's done at Hometown!

‘Cuz of your support, we’re building you the bike shop you’ve always wanted… right next door to our Repair Shop.

We’ve launched Hometown Bicycles Renovation Project #2 on the east side of our building – prepping it for the bikes, clothes, equipment and cycling goodies that will make you pedal for joy. It’ll be a cyclist’s wonderland by the time we’re through!

This will be our winter project, and we want to say THANK YOU to all the customers who have, are, and are continuing to volunteer their time. You rock.

Holy renovation project, Batman!

Holy renovation project, Batman

We’re a few days into our Hometown winter hours – 12-7pm daily – at the repair shop, though you’ll likely see us using the mornings for next-door renovations. Feel free to drop off your repairs or stop in and say “hi”. We’re relaxed like that.

Shaun & Dawn tie the knotWhile Hometown is marrying repairs and retail, it’s owner has been busy marrying the catch of the century (*ahem* we may be slightly biased). That’s right… Shaun and Dawn have finally tied the knot!!

Stay tuned for our December, post-wedding, pre-opening celebration at the new shop. It’ll involve music, food, dancing, and you’re ALL invited.

Thanks for everything, Hometownies! We’ll see you at the shop!

Lucky Shaun

P.S. Sorry ladies, he’s off the market.
P.P.S. Sorry fellas, she’s off the market.
P.P.P.S. Awesome wedding photos courtesy of Shi Lessner Photography. Thanks, Shirley!

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