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You Did It! 1,000 Repairs & Counting…

You Did It! 1,000 Repairs & Counting…

1,000 bicycle repairs by December 31, 2010Wow. Seriously… WOW.

We put out a challenge, and you blew it out of the water! 1,000 repairs by the end of 2010. And, guess what… Repair #1,000 just rolled through our door in the hands of Brighton cyclist, Mark Bourgeau! We’re gonna make it…


Take a look at our shop wall – packed with bicycles in the middle of winter. This is a badge of honor – the biggest compliment you could possibly give us.

It means you went to the trouble of taking your bike off the trainer or out of storage to help us accomplish something BIG. It means that you put your faith in Hometown Bicycles and what it stands for, and that you see the value in what we do.

So now it’s up to us to make our 1,000th repair happen. We just sent a squeaky clean Repair #977 out the door, and #983 is on the stand. Can we do it?

With the kind of support you’ve shown… you betcha! (You can follow the count on our Facebook Page.)

1,000 repairs in our first year of business. 1,000 cyclists back in the saddle with a little help from Hometown. Now that’s cool!

1,000 or BUST... here we come, baby!A Reason to Celebrate

DECEMBER 30TH, 5-10PM @ HOMETOWN BICYCLES. Mark it in your calendars! It’s our post-wedding, pre-opening and, now, 1,000-or-Bust-THANK-YOU shop celebration!

We have the food, the music and the reason… all you need to do is be here! If you haven’t already, we’d appreciate it if you would CLICK HERE TO RSVP.


We Want You!

Hometown is Hiring!We’re hiring! This spring marks the launch of Hometown Bicycles repair-retail shop combo, and that means our team’s expanding, too. Think you’re up for the adventure? We’re looking for someone who:

1) Represents themselves well.
2) Takes pride in what they do.
3) Is a stickler for details.
4) Wants to be a part of something awesome.

If you can put a big, fat check mark next to any or all of these, stop in and talk to Shaun. We just might have a position for you at Hometown.

“You made it happen… THANK YOU!” -The Hometown Crew

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  1. Greatest bike shop ever! Staffed with knowledgable, helpful and fun people. You won’t get a better tune up, and you won’t find better bike advice. Check it out.

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