Shaun Says: Cleared for Take-Off

Shaun Says...Hometown Bicycles is just a month and a half away from launching the shop you’ve all been waiting for… the shop that you all deserve.

We’ll be bringing in bikes soon, in tandem with your favorite cycling gear and equipment. Our empty retail shop won’t be empty much longer!

Service Rules!
No, really. Remarkable service – for customers AND bicycles – really does rule at Hometown. Whether on the retail or repair side of our shop, expect the same high service standards we set during 2010.

A Happy Ending Starts a New Beginning
Remember our “1,000 or Bust” challenge – calling on riders to help us make 1,000 repairs in our first year of business? By the time December 31st rolled around, we were rockin’ 1,012 repairs in the shop. We’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again… you’re amazing!! Thanks for making it happen!
And our goal for 2011? 2,011 repairs. We’ve already got 10 down. 2,001 chances left to be a part of our success story!

Hometown’s Bike Trainer Tips
Trainer Tips from Hometown
Winter doldrums? Of course not, because you’ve been cranking out the mileage on your bike trainer, and are riding strong! While you’re keeping your mind sharp and your legs tight, here are a few Hometown tips to help your indoor ride:

Use Your Gears
Although trainers offer built-in resistance, remember to shift gears frequently. Whether you’re riding the roads or the trainer, the constant spin of the chain wears away your chainring teeth. Shifting regularly helps the gears wear evenly.

Cyclists are notorious for the 2-second leg stretch. Not good. There’s no point getting ripped cycling muscles, if you waddle like a duck off the bike. Stretching is critical to safe and effective riding. Try these stellar cycling stretches from Bicycling Magazine.

Crank the TV
Let’s face it. Indoor cycling lacks the thrill of open-air riding. So, if you’re having a hard time staying motivated to ride, park your bike and trainer in front of the TV. You’ll be surprised at how quickly time zips by when you’re waiting breathlessly to see if Michelle marries Mark, or dumps him for the cable guy.

Hometown Photo of the Month
Mark Borgeau - Hometown Bicycles' Mr. 1,000!
Mr. 1,000! Mark Bourgeau and his kids hoist the Mr. 1,000 banner for bringing in Hometown Bicycles thousandth repair.  It was only Fitting that the 1000th repair be a Carbon Wilier Cyclo-cross bike. Thanks, Mark! Thanks, EVERYONE!




A Hometown Congrats to Trail’s Edge!
Howdy, Neighbor! Trail's Edge opens in Milford
A bike company whose standards and philosophy match our own, we’re proud to congratulate Trail’s Edge Cyclery on the recent opening of their Milford branch.

“If you are familiar with Trail’s Edge Cyclery in Plymouth, you know that they are different from the typical bike shop. The new Milford location is an expansion of the original store concept that focuses on helping people get out and enjoy cycling. Trail’s Edge stores are owned and operated by cyclist & bike geeks, who enjoy and understand the need for a strong local cycling community.”
~Mike Flack, owner

Right on, Mike. Learn more about Trail’s Edge at

Have a Bike at Hometown?

We have a favor to ask…
After nearly a year of heavy foot and tire traffic, our repair shop is getting a much-deserved coat of fresh paint. For this reason, we ask that you pick up your bicycles by this coming Tuesday.

Pick up your bikes by FEB. 1ST

We appreciate it!

Hometown Hot Sauce
Hometown hot sauceCheck it out! We’re gonna be stocking Michigan-made, private label Hometown hot sauce.But here’s the problem. What the heck do we call it??
A few ideas that have already been submitted:

“Bike Lane Pain”
“Flat Tire Fire”
“Hometown Hammer Sauce”

You can check out more, vote for your favorite or post your own idea on our

Facebook Page (click here)

We’ll let you know the final tally!

Hometown Happenings
Come swing a hammer with usOur rides and runs are on hold while we work renovation magic in our newly expanded shop. But if you want a workout, come on down and swing a hammer with us!



Until our shop is spin-class ready, we can recommend a couple seriously sweet spin classes, taught by our customers at the following locations:
Hamburg Fitness CenterLady of Livingston

CLICK HERE to check out our Calendar of Events. Be sure to bookmark it on your computer!

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“Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia.”

– H.G. Wells

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