Shaun Says: There’s a famous person working at our shop!

Shaun Says...Hollywood celebrity? Nope. Much cooler than that. You won’t catch him on daytime television either. And, as far as we’re aware, he’s not the “stage” type.

But in the world of cycling, Hometown’s new helper is a first-class superstar.

Before we spill the beans, just wanted to mention that we’ll be closed this Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday to paint. For details, look right.

Lee Scarlett, Master Mechanic
Hometown’s “famous person” is renowned repair guru, Lee Scarlett. Lee’s got 49 years in the industry, dating back to the days when he dreamed of buying a Corvette by age 16. A brief stint with a paper route didn’t pan out. So he began, instead, racking up expertise and after-school hours at his father’s Scarlett Schwinn shop in Pontiac, MI.

Bet you didn't know Lee could ride a unicycle! We only work with super-talents.Over the years, he discovered that he loved the sport of cycling and the people who participate. Every rider has a special attachment to their bicycle, and Lee felt privileged to provide special service for each one.

Having recently returned to Michigan, we’re thrilled to say that, of all the bike shop opportunities presented to him because of his remarkable repair reputation, Lee chose Hometown Bicycles. Why?

“Hometown is not sterile. It’s fun. It’s an experience. I love the attitude of the people that work here, and I love the attitude of the customers who come here.”

And, just so you know, Lee did get to buy his Corvette when he turned 17.

(P.S. Bet you didn’t know Lee rides a unicycle [see above photo]. We only work with super-talents here at Hometown!)

Hometown's New Master Mechanic: Lee Scarlett

Things That Make My Bike Shift Like $#*!

It’s one of the most common questions we’re asked. Why is my bike shifting like… well, you know. Rattling chain. Delayed response. Jumping gears. Symptoms of a bungled bicycle. Here are the first 3 causes in our 10 part Facebook photo series:

Bent Derailleur HangerCause 2: Bent Derailleur Hangers
Take a careful look at your rear derailleur. It sticks out beyond your bike frame with a billboard that says “BEND ME AND HAVE A GREAT DAY”. Problem is, it’s the number 2 culprit in causing poor shifting. Click here to learn what happens and how to fix it.

Rusted CablesCause 3: Rusted Cables
Your cables may look fine. They may sparkle in the sun. But there can be hidden danger. Under the housing, rust often sets in. That rust creates friction and affects two of your most important actions: braking and shifting. Click here to learn what to do about it.

Using the Wrong Cable/Housing CombinationCause 4: Using the Wrong Cable/Housing Combination
The housing and end caps for brake and shifting cables look somewhat similar. However, they’re intended for two entirely different purposes. Mix ’em up, and you could have a disaster on your hands. Click here to learn the difference.

Hometown Photo of the Month
Hometown Bicycles is everywhere
Hometown in the Woods Hometownie, Alex Pless, doesn’t let a little snow keep him from riding the trails. We spot a sticker on his water bottle that looks very familiar…

Michigan Bicycle Summit:  March 25 & 26

The League of Michigan Bicyclists always has something cool up their sleeves. This time of year, it’s their annual Michigan Bicycle Summit.

The 2011 theme is “A bicycle friendly Michigan is a _______ Michigan.” And they want YOU to fill in the blank. You should go. It will be fun.

For more information, visit the LMB website.

Bikes-be-Gone! …But only temporarily
Painting HometownPainting day has arrived for Hometown’s repair shop! If you still have a bicycle in our shop, and you prefer it not come home speckled grey, green and black, we kindly ask that you come pick up your noble vehicle. Pronto.


Business will resume by Saturday, February 12th at latest.

We Named Our Hot Sauce…
To follow up on last month’s name call for Hometown’s custom label hot sauce, it’s name is………………………………..

“EPO Hot Sauce: So good it should be illegal”.

Ask Shaun about the tongue-in-cheek story behind this name, and look for it soon at our shop!


“Marriage is a wonderful invention; but then again, so is a bicycle repair kit.”

– Lord Charles Beresford

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