And the Magic Starts...

Yup. With over 1,107 tune-ups under our belt, we are chugging away to our goal of 2,011 repair in 2011. This goal was set from the start and you, our customers, have made it a personal mission to help us accomplish it. We have worked on everything from BMX bikes to DI2 rocket ships. For those of you that don’t know what we do in a tune-up, here’s the bottom line:

Customer Preferred, Libby Approved

We disassemble, clean, lube, align, reassemble and adjust your bicycle. Then we deck it out in all new cables and housing. And finally, we blow your mind by having it ready for next day pick-up, or even same day.

So, thumbs-up to everyone who had their bicycle tuned up at the shop so far this year. With just 904 spots left, we know you’re going to blow us right through our goal. Just drop off your bike today and, when you pick it up tomorrow – just to be safe – tape your socks on.

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