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State Champions + Milestones Met & Conquered

Hometown Gives a Knock-Out 1-2 Punch at the Milford Crit

Hometown's Scott Hoffner takes the Cat 3 State Championship at the 2011 Milford CriteriumPUNCH 1:  Meet Scott Hoffner… Hometown’s shop star and, now, 2011 Michigan State Champion Category 3 Rider.

Scott dominated this past weekend’s Milford Criterium Cat 3 bike race with tactical planning and crazy awesome cycling skills. He ripped the State Championship jersey off everyone’s back and owned it, crossing the line with nearly a 2 second lead.

Scott lives in Milford, and is a Junior at Brevard College in South Carolina. It was only fitting that he won the State Championship in his home town, amongst all his friends and family.

In addition to his win, Scott was also promoted to the next race level – Category 2. He made Dawn (mom), Mike (dad) and all of us Hometownies proud!

Hometown's CJ Brish rockets into 2nd place in the 2011 Milford Crit Juniors Division


PUNCH 2:  CJ Brish. Remember that name. He is a fixture at the shop… unless he’s out ripping up the trails or tearing up the roads.

CJ roared into 2nd place in the Juniors 16 – 19 Division, just a hair away from winning the 2011 Junior Michigan Championship.

Amazing enough in it’s own right, but wait… there’s more!

The night before, CJ blasted through an EIGHT-HOUR mountain bike challenge, and STILL rocked his 8am Milford Crit race.

CJ, who attends Brighton High School, is also a critical player in the formation of their new BHS mountain bike team. Like I said, remember this name and get your autographs now; it’s going to be worth big bucks some day.



Hometown Photos of the Month

Hometown's Incredible Customers
A Huge Thumbs Up from Our Customers:  Any questions we might have had about our first year in bicycle retail have been overwhelmingly answered. Our retail shop has been a HUGE hit!

We geek out whenever we hear comments like, “Finally, a place I want to shop” or “This is what a bike shop should be”.

So, THANK YOU. Dawn and I have put our blood, sweat (a LOT of sweat) and tears into this dream, but it’s thanks to YOU that Hometown rocks!

Hometown Tech Tip: Don’t sweat the small stuff

Head tube rust created by sweat
This month’s Tech Tip is dedicated to the tri guys and gals, or anyone using aero bars.

Let’s face it, if you ain’t sweating, you ain’t training. We all know what it feels like to have sweat dripping off our nose. But when you’re riding your bike, consider the logistics. Your face is hanging directly over the center stem of your handlebars.

Any athlete worth their salt can tell you that sweat is packed with salt. And, of course, salt corrodes metal. The constant deluge from your face, onto your handlebar and stem, is what causes the corrosion you see above.

The Solution
After any training or event, douse your handlebars with water to wash away the salt before it can eat out your bearings. Shower your bike before yourself and you’ll keep the salt from crusting and rusting!

Mike Makes 100!

Mike makes 100 miles
On August 1st, Mike Hoffner (Scott’s dad) biked his 100th mile at Hometown’s 7pm ride. Awesome, right?!

Even more awesome when you consider that those 100 miles were the result of Mike’s committment to changing his life after a 4th open heart surgery.

I asked Mike how he felt crossing his first 100 miles. His answer:

“There’s a lot more of that to come.”

You can ride with Mike every night at 7 on our every-night-at-7 ride.

500 Mile Challenge Update

Hometown's 500 Mile Challenge
I should have made it the 1,000 Mile Challenge. Jill and Steve are dishing out the miles like it’s Halloween candy. They’ve just crossed the 200 mile mark and are still going strong.

Keep up with this intrepid couple’s latest cycling adventures on our Facebook page.

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