The Ultimate Cycling Experience

In last week’s newsletter, we ended our recent installment of the Hometown Bicycles saga with what amounted to a cliffhanger… and, boy, did we ever learn what Hometown means to all of you!

We had visits, and calls, and messages from so many of you, wanting to know what’s happening with the company, and whether everything is okay.

Rest assured, we’re sticking around. But if our last email gave you pause for thought – a world without Hometown Bicycles – then we hope you’ve come to realize the same thing we have…

What Does Hometown Bicycles Mean to You?

Hometown Bicycles has become far more than just a place to buy bike stuff; there are plenty of those already. Instead, Hometown is where you set goals, share your stories, make new friends, overcome challenges, improve your health, vent your frustrations, learn, hang out, dream, thrive, and celebrate your accomplishments. You’ve made us a hub of the community.

In essence, Hometown Bicycles is where you’ve chosen to come for your ultimate cycling experience… WOW. We do not take that responsibility lightly…

Ultimate Cycling Experience

To us, a true Ultimate Cycling Experience means a place that offers the products you need, the service you expect, the education to grow, the opportunity to use what you’ve learned, and the team to support and celebrate what you do.

Based on your feedback, we’ve made a great start, but there’s always room to be better.

So, What Are We Doing?

Right now, we’re working on stronger relationships and intriguing opportunities that will help us achieve our goal of giving you the Ultimate Cycling Experience you deserve.

What Can You Do to Help?

Keep doing what you’re doing!! The fact that you believe so much in Hometown that you send your family and friends, join our shop rides, show up to our clinics, patronize our shop, and come to us for advice is the ultimate show of faith. THAT is what will get us to this goal.

Part 3 of Infinity…

So, although we started this Hometown saga as a Part 1 of 3, we’ve realized that with our story really just starting, it’ll take a heck of a lot more than 3 measly little articles to tell it all.

We promise to keep you in the loop, chapter by exciting chapter…

Shaun & Dawn Bhajan


Iceman Cometh Challenge logo

Hometown’s headed to Iceman this Saturday, and we’re taking the crew, so…
Brighton & Whitmore Lake
Open Sunday, Regular Hours
We’ll be at the start, so stop by and say “hi!” And make sure to swing by the shop to share your Iceman stories… our fall just isn’t complete without ’em!
We had a full house at last week’s Bike Lights & Night Safety Clinic. It was awesome!
There were some really stellar questions asked, and a bevy of curious cyclists tested out bike lights on our Devil’s Night Shop Ride immediately after. You sure couldn’t miss them, as you’ll see in the video above.
Thanks, clinic peeps, for showing up, learning, riding, and hanging out with us. And a special thanks to Jim Cleer for leading up one of the ride groups and to Leslie Cook for bringing us some new Hometown fans!
Customer Highlight: Move over Vanna White!
(Jim, Brenda, and Kevin are the elite first to purchase Hometown Coffee)

Our customers are so cool… they were calling dibs on our new Hometown Coffees before we even brought them into the store! These delicious brews come from Brighton’s beloved Bagels & Bites… no wonder why everyone look so happy. Thank you, Hometown pioneers, for supporting our newest product line!

Yoga for Cyclists Held at Hometown – Brighton
Community Highlight: Starting November 10th!

Hometown Bicycles is proud to present an on-site yoga opportunity for the tight-muscled cyclist in all of us. Open to the community, this class – led by Soul Stretch Yoga – addresses back, hips, wrists, lung capacity and core+balance. You’ll also work on bigger biking muscles, full suspension flexibility and dialed in focus.
Industry Highlight:  Industry event, Hometown program

Iceman Cometh is one of those epic cycling events that makes Michigan such a cool state. In support of such awesomeness, we created an “Iceman Effed My Bike” tune up special for post race bicycle recovery.
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