The Story of Hometown: Part 2 of 3

Last week, we shared an in-a-nutshell history of Hometown Bicycles. This week, let’s talk about where we are today…

Most of you already have a handshake acquaintance with the 4 fundamental cornerstones of Hometown – these are the 4 rules we operate by, and are why we are the business we are today.

ALL of the decision we make MUST BE:

1) GOOD FOR THE COMPANY because we need it to do what we do.

2) GOOD FOR THE CUSTOMERS because they trust us to do the right thing.

3) GOOD FOR THE COMMUNITY because we are a part of it.

4) GOOD FOR THE INDUSTRY because we love it.

We’re about to put this system through its paces…


You’ve helped make us a thriving bicycle sales and service business in Livingston County. We’ve grown into two locations, initiated and participated in all sorts of cycling events, won awards, made rides, had fun, and created the rock-your-socks Hometown experience that first inspired us to open the shop.

You especially know our Brighton store well; it’s been your home away from home – and ours, too – for nearly 5 years. And now we’re coming to a crossroads for our beloved Hometown Bicycles…

Let’s talk more next week,

Shaun & Dawn Bhajan             

Bike Lights & Night Safety Clinic: THIS THURSDAY!
bike lightsWHAT: In this clinic, we’ll cover everything from the various styles, features, and benefits of bike lights, to where they go and why, to which lights you need and which you don’t.

Immediately after, anyone who’s interested can join us for a Devil’s Night Shop Ride, where you’ll be able to take our lights for a test spin! This ride will be a short, Island Lake road and trail mash-up for all levels of riders. We’ll finish up with a cozy autumn bonfire back at the shop.


WHERE: Hometown Bicycles of Brighton

Although there’s no charge, we do ask that you register in advance, so that we can plan ahead and make this an awesome event for everyone!




Customer Highlight: Fun with fat bikes
(Heather & Greg hard at work on their fat bike builds)

Heather and Greg have officially been inducted into the Hometown Hall of Coolness. When they’re new fat bikes arrived, so did they… determined to build them with their own two (four) hands. Now they know their bikes backward and forward, and are triumphantly fat biking the trails. Nice work, Heather and Greg!

A Path to Nowhere
Community Highlight: The bike path that isn’t one after all

(Actually, this path does lead somewhere – it currently leads to the sewage pump station on Grand River.)

We recently made the 30-second pilgrimage to Brighton Township’s bike path construction site to catch a glimpse of the new bike-path-in-progress… only to discover it’s not a bike path at all! They’re installing a narrow sidewalk instead – not wide enough for two cyclists to safely pass, and packed with the kind of sidewalk cracks that give riders carpal tunnel and headaches.

Pedestrians along Grand River are few and far between, while cyclists are frequent and numerous. We argue that there is greater value to the community and, more importantly, to the safety of cyclists and drivers, in building an asphalt bike path instead of a narrow sidewalk.

The Townships of Hamburg, Green Oak, Lyon, and Milford (to name a few) have all seen the value in bike paths over sidewalks. What happened in Brighton?

If this frustrates you, too, please call the Township and share your concerns: 810-229-0550.

Industry Highlight:  A cool company just got cooler

Google’s done some nifty things, but we think the Cycleplex is one of their greatest ideas ever. WIRED Magazine ran a great story about this bike sharing program:
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