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Hometown Bicycles - Your dream bicycle shop
Over the last few emails, you’ve learned about how Hometown Bicycles got its start,where we are today, and our vision for the future… now it’s YOUR turn to chime in!

Tell us what you want to see in the future Hometown Bicycles – anything from products, services, events and rides, to the qualities that you believe will help make us your dream bicycle shop.

Share your feedback on our Facebook page, under the post that’s pinned at the top of our newsfeed. Your input is a critical part of our evolution.

We’re listening…

Shaun & Dawn Bhajan

Our “BRR-R-R-R-R!! That’s Michigan for you!” hours run November 17 – April 1.

MON – FRI: 10AM – 7PM
SAT – SUN: 9AM – 5PM

Our Whitmore Lake shop will be CLOSED JANUARY 1st and REOPEN MARCH 1st. 


Yoga for Cyclists at Hometown Bicycles of Brighton, MI

This past Monday marked the inaugural, weekly, in-shop Yoga for Cyclists class series, led by the supremely talented (as you can see by the cyclists melting into the floor) Jessica Beaubien of Soul Stretch Yoga.

If you think tension is the hallmark of a good ride or that touching your toes is for runners, you NEED this class. Heck, we ALL need this class.



Customer Highlight: Biking with benefits of the life-altering variety

Leslie Cook, a cool customer of Hometown Bicycles

If you look up “enthusiasm” in the dictionary, there should undoubtedly be a picture of Leslie Cook.

Leslie’s taken to mountain biking like a fish to water. Here’s his story in his own words:

“I started riding my old style steel trail bike to get into shape.  It was fun gravel grinding on back roads but started getting boring when riding by myself.  I wasn’t very motivated either, until my kids started to get on me about my health.  When I finally took a look at myself and realized I couldn’t see my belt buckle anymore and had to lean to see my shoes, I decided things must change if I wanted to live to see my grandkids and enjoy them.

I joined a biggest loser contest at work, started getting in shape, and started riding my bike again.  I’ve lost 35 pounds, kept it off, and started trail riding.

I have been riding two years now, rode in my first Iceman, and finished.  I could not have accomplished this without the support from Home Town and the support of the riders I have have met (plus the ripping tune up I got from Shaun.)  I am looking forward to continuing my friendship with these wonderful people and encourage others to do so also.  Look forward to seeing you all on the trails.”

Want to share your story and inspire others to ride?  Send us an email with your favorite cycling photo and a little bit about why you ride, what inspires you, and what you’ve done that might inspire someone else to change their life, too!

Community Highlight:  The gals take it

Velo News - Gould wins Iceman Cometh Challenge 2014

Velo News ran a fantastic article on the recent triumph of cyclist, Georgia Gould, two-time winner of Michigan’s Iceman Cometh Challenge.  Check it out HERE!

MDOT Bicycle Event Survey
Industry Highlight: Help Michigan prove the value of cycling

Bicycling in Michigan MDOT infographic

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), distributor of the “Bicycling in Michigan” infographic above, has launched a new and intriguing survey to assess the economic value of cycling events to the Michigan economy. Let’s help ’em see the value in the sport we love!

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