Hometown Bicycles 8th Birthday Party Invitation - postponed until April 22
Well, Hometownies, it’s ice advisories and winter weather tomorrow, and that’s NOT compatible with a birthday bike ride and grill out!That’s ok – we can roll with it! We’ve simply moved Hometown’s 8th Birthday Bash to NEXT Sunday, April 22nd, when Michigan will have finally gotten the memo – high of 57° and partly sunny… now THAT’s what we’re talkin’ about!

BUT, if you do happen to stroll in tomorrow (4/15), you’ll get a celebratory 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE(bikes/parts/accessories/special orders) PLUS a slice of birthday cake! Wonky weather or not, Hometown wanted to give you a gift anyway!

Awesomely enough, April 22nd is also Earth Day (yay for pedal-powered transportation!) AND the day after Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race, a Hometownie and Team favorite! That means our party will be the perfect opportunity to high five Ma Nature AND swap Barry stories with your fellow party peeps!

Hang in there, Hometownies!

Michigan winter bicycle

Gee whiz, Michigan…

~ Michiganders everywhere

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