Good Luck, Iceman Riders!

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May the force be with all of you adventurous Hometownies who are racing for glory at tomorrow’s Iceman Cometh Challenge. So many of you dropped by for our Pre-Iceman Tune-Up Special, and we’re confident that your trusty steeds are up for the challenge. Now it’s up to YOU to give your bicycle wings!

While we’re bummed not to be attending this year’s Iceman, we’ll definitely be rocking some Brighton-based cheerleading for all of you racers. Missing us? Just look for fellow hard-to-miss Hometown jersey riders, and know that you’ve got an instant friend.

And remember, if Iceman “effs” your bike, all is not lost! CLICK HERE to print the Hometown Bicycles’ “Iceman Effed My Bike Tune-Up” coupon, good through the entire month of November.


Tom H with the Jamis bike - donated by Hometown Bicycles - that he won at Tour de Livingston

(Congrats, Tom!)

Tom rocked 100 miles at this year’s Tour de Livingston AND won the raffle for the Jamis bike that we donated to the event. Now THAT’S a super-awesome day! Here’s what Tom has to say about it:

“I have done the Tour de Livingston two years.  I waited until I had a suitable bike (my cross bike) before I rode it.  If I was to ride it, I wanted to do the whole 100 miles.

I connected with Hometown Bikes when Shaun moved from his previous bike shop job in Brighton. He was always great with the customers at that shop. My brother informed me that he took a bike to get repaired at Shaun’s little shop (the repair only edition). So I started to use Shaun for tune ups and repairs.

I was actually shocked when I heard Shaun call my name for the bike. For a moment I thought he was kidding, or I had not heard it correctly. It really took me the whole morning to process it. I had been trying to figure out ways to convert my cross bike to be more road friendly. With my kids, I really don’t have the money right now to buy a good road bike. I just figured I would eventually get one in a few years or so. So this just really makes it more sweet.

My plans for the new bike are to take it on a few more road events (I really enjoy them). I still mountain bike primarily (though my mileage for the year doesn’t say so). Eventually I will make it back out to Ragbrai some year, and I will definitely ride the road bike and not suffer across Iowa with my cross bike.

Thanks again Shaun and Dawn!


CycleOps Trainers at Hometown Bicycles bicycle adventure center

OK, so the reality of Michigan cycling is that outdoor winter cycling is not for everyone. But INDOOR winter cycling… now that’s a different matter entirely. We’ve got trainers stocked and ready for pedal-powered action. Stop in and check ’em out!


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