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Fat Bikes and Artists

Jean Dishes the Dirt on the New Jamis Roughneck Fat Bike
Jamis Roughneck fat tire bike, photo courtesy Jean Steinberg

Jean Steinberg riding the Jamis Roughneck with friendsWANNA KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE? JEAN WILL TELL YOU…
Our customers are such good sports. We recently paired 29er rider, Jean Steinberg, with a Jamis Roughneck fat bike, challenged her to take her inaugural ride at the “Global Fat Bike Day” event, and then write us a candid review. She said yes.

Fat bike craze is seriously taking the world by storm. We get questions about the sport daily and, in particular, about the Jamis fat bike that we just brought in. Jean’s comments might answer some of your “I wonder…”s:

“What better way to experience my first ride on the JamisRoughneck than joining what appeared to be over 100 other riders at a local “Global Fat Bike Day” ride. I am typically that gal that rides the light full suspension 29er, so this was quite a change for me. I got quite the workout.

I want to thank Hometown Bicycles for helping me blend in at the “Global Fat Bike Day” ride by putting the Jamis Roughneckin my hands. The ride started with a temperature that stubbornly stuck around freezing and barely warmed up until near the endof the trail. I hit the trail behind a few of my “skinny” tire friends and quickly found out how awesome the Roughneck held contact with the trail as I starting chasing to stay on the heels of my friends. Curving and carving through the downhills and sand were effortless. It was the most secure ride I’ve had in ages. It treated the occasional greasy top layer as if it wasn’t even there – absolutely no slippage or sliding on this Fat Bike! The tires shed the dirt incredibly well. My concern was that the tires would cake up and add more weight and resistance to the tire. I was wrong. I also wasn’t experiencing the dirt flying up in my face from the front wheel like some of the other Fat Bike riders. The hubs had that expensive wheel sound and impressed me as they rolled freely along the trail. The gear options were more than ample for the terrain of my ride. I had plenty of gear choices to get me to the top of every climb. The Roughneck was equipped with a nice set of mechanical disc brakes. These brakes were very smooth and responsive. They slowed and stopped the bike effortlessly.

Jamis put a nice package of components on this $1699.99 entry level Fat Bike. One thing I did learn from this experience – don’t expect to stay on the trail with your fast friends on “skinny“ tires. Take the time to enjoy the trail and the ride – it’s a Fat Bike.” 

Fat bikes
(All fat bike photos courtesy of Jean Steinberg)



Sculptures made of repurposed bicycle parts by Don Strauss

Artist Don Strauss creating one of his sculptures from bicycle partsSince sending out the call for bicycle art, artists from every discipline have been wowing us with their ingenuity. And Don… well, Don is a perfect example. His sculptural pieces, made with repurposed bike parts, have to be seen to be believed. Seriously, put on your jackets and come see his work in person – you’ll be fascinated by his genius!  (photo immediately above courtesy of Don Strauss)

** Christmas Note: These would make beautiful garden art for the gardeners in your life!


Bicycle themed crossbody bag, wristlets, and coin purses by Lauren Patrell of LP by LP
Artist Lauren Patrell of LPbyLP crafting her exquisite bags and purses with repurposed fabricsYou have to know that when not only Dawn, but also SHAUN gets excited about purses, then there’s gotta be something remarkable about them. Artist, Lauren Patrell, is a fellow perfectionist, and does it ever show in her art. Words like “exquisite”, “meticulously crafted”, and “I want one!” spring immediately to mind. Lauren blends repurposed fabrics with new to create something uniquely awesome. Maybe I should get one for Shaun…  (photo at left courtesy Lauren Patrell of Limited Productions by Lauren Patrell)

** Christmas Note: Fellas, think stocking stuffers for your favorite ladies!



"Biker Babe" by Winnie Chrzanowski
Artist Winnie Chrzanowski with her adorable assemblage piece, "Biker Babe"The perfect way to round out today’s email is with Winnie’s cheery and cheeky “Biker Babe” assemblage art. Winnie, herself, is as personable and fun as her artwork. We expect her piece to raise a few eyebrows – she’s anything BUT “status quo.” That’s why here at Hometown, we totally dig what “Biker Babe” represents!

** Christmas Note: Who do you know that could use a permanent reason to smile? 🙂

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