Dear Hometownies…
You all know that we have a project going on in Hometown’s back room – a buildout for a new service shop and business incubator. We’ve had a vision for Hometown Bicycles that originated way back in our pre-Hometown days – a vision that entails carving a new trail in our industry. Moving to this location was part of that. So was growing Team Hometown. And now this buildout takes us a sizable step closer toward making that vision a reality.

As with most renovation projects, regulations and “the unexpected” are adding to the bottom line. To combat this, we’re orchestrating a massive Inventory Reduction Salefor the entire month of December, beginning NOW. When we say massive, we’re talking discounts of up to 40% on in-store bikes, and up to 70% or more on nearly all in-store product. This is a no-bullsh*t, clear-the-floor event with a laser focus on an end game that, if we do it right, could change the way you view bike shops.

Curious? Good – stay that way! Your excitement to see what Hometown is up to next has ALWAYS been a major driving factor in the evolution of what we do and how we do it.

If Hometown truly is your bike shop, then we ask you to put your money where your loyalty is. We’ll be offering better deals than you can get online (or even at store closings), plus the satisfaction of supporting local entrepreneurialism and YOUR SHOP.

Let’s do this – together.

Shaun & Dawn
Owners, Hometown Bicycles

Hometown Bicycles 2018 December Inventory Reduction Sale

Modified Shop Hours this Tuesday

Due to the high level of interest in this Tuesday’s Women’s Entrepreneurship event at Hometown, we will be closing the shop early on Tuesday, December 4th at 6pm, so that we can run our program on the main sales floor. Normal hours will resume Wednesday morning.
Thank you! 

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