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Birthday Photos, Barry Results, and Earth Day Activities

Hometown Bicycles 8th Birthday singing Happy Birthday video
Last Sunday’s BIG Hometown birthday bash was a thing of beauty… full-out Spring and over 100 in attendance! It was a sight to be seen, so I’ve pulled together a few photo highlights to give you a flavor for the fun that was had! (Special thanks to Team member, Paula Zimmer, for good-naturedly stepping into the role of event photographer!)
Birthday gifts for our customers at Hometown Bicycles 8th Birthday Party
ABOVE: The day kicked off with birthday gifts, games, and prizes for all of the loyal Hometownies who came to celebrate with us!
Hometown Bicycles 8th Birthday Party birthday bike ride
ABOVE: No Hometown party would be complete without a birthday bike ride! This one was hopping with eager beavers who’d been just itching for warm weather to hit.
Hot dogs on the grill and birthday cake at Hometown Bicycles 8th Birthday Party
ABOVE: Grill Master Mike worked his behind-the-grill wizardry yet again, serving up a delicious stream of hot dog after burger after hot dog to a whole lotta hungry Hometownies. Birthday cake added a sweet finale to a perfect party picnic.
Make-A-Wish table and losing a tooth with the Andres family at Hometown Bicycles 8th Birthday Party
ABOVE: Helena was a personable and welcome addition to our family event, spreading the word and answering questions about Make-A-Wish’s famous Wish-A-Mile charitable bike tour. We also had a Hometown first, courtesy of the Andres family – first baby tooth to fall out at one of our events! (Hope the tooth fairy was generous!)
Hometownies celebrating at Hometown Bicycles 8th Birthday Party
ABOVE: The best part of any Hometown event is the friendships forged and memories shared.

Hometownies, I told you presents weren’t necessary, but you went ahead and gave us a tidal wave of loyalty, love, and other heart-warming sentiments to remind us of why we do what we’re doing and who we’re doing it for anyway. Thanks so much for coming out to celebrate with us. Happy 8th Birthday, Hometown Bicycles!

The Thinker, contemplation
(Photo credit: “The Thinker”, Copyright © Joe deSousa)


If you’ve been a regular reader of these newsletters, you know that, every now and then, I get bit by the contemplation bug. Turns out, eight years of awesome makes your newsletter correspondent reflective…

I’ve been thinking – vanity or not, I’m button-busting proud of our shop. Intensely proud. Hometown is unmatched for loyalty. We may be “small”, but we’re resourceful. We may be young, but we’re hard-core committed. We may be boat-rockers, but we’re changing the landscape of what customers should and do expect from their bike shop. We’re fake-free, we operate with integrity, and we roll with a strong belief in karma.

I consider it a reality of Hometown that for every ounce of pride I feel, YOU should carry it in equal measure. We are, to a large degree, a reflection of you! Shaun and I and the Crew can give it all we’ve got, but Hometown doesn’t amount to diddly without you giving it wheels to roll on.

Every time you tell a friend to shop here, share our fliers, and bring someone along on a shop ride, you’re literally growing Hometown… AND your ownership in it. Every time you spend a dollar here, you’re making an investment in developing a resource – YOUR resource – for all things cycling. You’re basically telling the world what kind of shop you deserve, and building it along the way!

I really believe that’s the coolest thing about Hometown – in so many ways, its a by-the-people-for-the-people type thing. You’re “the people”. You’re HOMETOWN people. And that is definitely something you can be proud of.

Thanks again for supporting us eight year’s strong, Hometownies… here’s to the next eight!

Team Hometown Bicycles at 2018 Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race
(A few of the happy Hometownies who enjoyed the great weather at this year’s Barry Roubaix!)


An extraordinary 28 Team Hometown riders (that’s over a quarter of our Team! WOW!) raced last Saturday at the world’s largest gravel road bike race, Barry-Roubaix. They left their mark on the course, and I’m not just talking about tire tracks in the “plush”, freshly graded roadways!

Seven times, our Team took the podium. Congratulations go to Meghan Terbush and Jordan Richter, placing 2nd and 4th consecutively in their division; Roger Pelkey nabbed 5th place in his age group; Colin Chisholm owned his age group’s 3rd place position; Jack Riddle and Joe Ostervik killed it with 1st and 2nd in their division; and Jack Riddle podiumed again in 4th place OVERALL, thanks to his 5 minute lead!

We are “Barry” proud of you, Team! (Ok, ok – I’ll stop!) Be sure to check out the race photos on our Facebook page. Now, it’s on to Mud, Sweat & Beers – tally-ho!


Team Hometown Bicycles member, Jean Steinberg, coaching MiSCA coaches in East Grand RapidsWe’d also like to give a shout out to avid Team Hometownie and cyclist, Jean Steinberg, who gave up the chance to party hearty with us last weekend, so that she could advance the future of youth cycling!

Jean worked with about 20 MiSCA coaches on Ride Leading and Teaching MTB Skills as part of the new 2018 Coach Training program, which was held in a small local park in East Grand Rapids. Way to support the future of our sport, Jean!

Hometown Bicycles at Downtown Brighton Earth Day Event 2018

With the weather creeping back towards lovable, last Saturday’s Downtown Brighton Earth Day expo found Hometown Service Tech Joe running Tire Toss in a t-shirt at this environmental awareness event. Our thanks to Dave Richardson and the Greater Brighton Area Chamber Environmental Council, for the opportunity to participate!

(Between kayaking the Millpond with Heavner Canoe & Kayak Rental, eating flowers – no joke! – with Stone Coop Farm, meeting the green folk at Whatever It Takes Sanctuary, and admiring the owl and fowl brought by Howell Nature Center, the kids and I had an absolute blast!)

Join our crew

Creating the magic of Hometown is no small thing, and we don’t hire lightly, but we do offer positions that are meaningful and make a real difference in the lives of customers, our community, and the cycling industry. We currently have openings for:

Part-Time Social Media Specialist
Helps market and share the Hometown culture on social media. Must be social media savvy, highly organized, an excellent writer, and skilled in photography. Graphic design skills a plus.

Part-Time Events Coordinator
Coordinates and manages on- and off-premises shop events of all types. Must be highly organized, creative, detail-oriented, an excellent communicator, sociable, and enthusiastic.

Full- and Part-Time Service Techs
Provides reliably outstanding technical bike service. Some technical knowledge preferred. Must be self-motivated, detail-oriented, focused, and a quick learner.

Full- and Part-Time Sales Associates
Provides reliably outstanding customer service, including sales, cashiering, and shop organization and cleanliness. Must be self-motivated, detail-oriented, sociable, enthusiastic, and a quick study.

Drop by our shop, introduce yourself, and pick up an application. You’ll never know unless you try!

Hometown Bicycles Beginner Road Ride shop ride
Pop-Up Mountain Bike Ride – Intermediate/Advanced
Join us as we explore some brand new trail in Proud Lake, riding a new connector around the campground that links Proud Lake to Hickory Glen. We will also head into the hidden gem of Milford Trail. Plan for ~15-20 miles. Meet at Janowski Field Trailhead, 301 Peters Rd., Milford (between GM and Commerce Roads). Check Facebook for Ride confirmation and changes!

Hartland Gravel Grinder – Intermediate/Advanced
Come enjoy beautiful, HILLY country roads and wonderful ride company. Expect several TOUGH, LONG CLIMBS, at an average 14 – 15 MPH pace for all 28.2 miles. The group may split into 2, with the front pack averaging > 15 mph. (Check out Dan’s Gravel Grinding 101 ride for a less grueling option.) Cross/Gravel, Mountain and Fat bikes are welcome. Meet in the Hartland Twp. Hall lower parking lot (turn right once in the drive) at 2655 Clark Rd. Check Facebook for ride confirmation and changes!

***Rent a Fat Bike at the shop!***


Beginner Friendly Road Ride
This one’s for the beginner rider who wants to increase mileage and speed. We’ll ride the well-known “to-the-Green-Dumpster-and-back” loop (~12-15 miles), or more for those who are ready. A and B groups will average 10-15+ mph. Road bikes only! Please have some experience on your bike, along with basic shifting and braking skills for the safety of the group. Beyond that, we’ll share some tips to make the hills easier and the flats faster! Check Facebook for ride confirmation and changes!


Advanced Skills & Drills
Want to learn to ride with a peloton? This ADVANCED, road warrior training is led by our Team racers! You’ll learn and practice: draft lines, hill repeats and intervals. Come ready to work hard. Bring a cadence sensor, speed sensor, and heart rate monitor. No Drop!  Check Facebook for ride confirmation and changes!


Ladies’ Road Ride
Ladies, this one’s just for you! This weekly, road ride is for gals of all ability levels. We’ll ride the well-known “green dumpster” loop at Island Lake (~14 miles) at a conversational, 10mph pace. All bikes welcome, NO DROP RIDE. Afterward, relax, connect, and rehydrate with your new biking friends. BYOB!Check Facebook for ride confirmation and changes!


Gravel Grinding 101
Ride with your Hometown bike guru, CycloDan Tribble! Front and rear light required, as we end at dusk. This ride weaves through and around Island Lake, covering 13+ miles of pavement, dirt trails and gravel roads (a few hills just for fun!) at an average 12-13 mph. Expect a “puddle” or two of sand and a few face slappers on the trails this time of year. Nothing our gravel, adventure or mountain/fat bikes can’t easily handle. Skinny tire bikes will NOT work for this ride. All levels welcome – NO DROP RIDE. Check Facebook for ride confirmation and changes!


Ladies Only Beginner Mountain Bike Ride
Ladies, come learn beginning mountain bike skills! We’ll tackle the trails in manageable bites, with the empowering support of skilled and supportive Hometown women. We’ll ride together to Island Lake Recreation Area, and focus on taking the fear and uncertainty out of riding the trails! No Drop. Check Facebook for ride confirmation and changes!

Zumba with Leslie Barrett and Cardio Drumming with Martha Soraruf at Hometown Bicycles
Many of you are familiar with the rockin’ beats and great cardio that take place weekly on our showroom floor. But for those who haven’t yet experienced fitness classes at Hometown, or simply want a high-energy pick-me-up, here are a few classes you’ll absolutely want to try!

CARDIO DRUMMING | Wednesdays at 6:00PM
$5 drop in / $5 equipment rental – With Martha Soraruf
Click to learn more

ZUMBA | Mondays at 6:00PM & Thursdays at 9:30AM
$8 drop in or “10 classes for $50” punch card – With Leslie Barrett
Click to learn more

Tim Allen Limited Edition Home Improvement bicycle on display at Hometown Bicycles

I have a thing for tools. (So do we, Tim!)

~ Tim Allen
Be sure to check out the limited edition Home Improvement bike on loan from Bruce & Betsy of Advanced Metal Alloy when you drop your bike off for a tune-up. One of only 201 in the world!

Easter Egg Hunt at Hometown, Tri Training, and Bike Patrol

APRIL 15: Hometown’s 7th Birthday

Hometown Bicycles 7th Anniversary Celebration Easter Egg HuntEASTER EGG HUNT, DOOR PRIZES, DEALS, FAMILY RIDE, FOOD & COMPETITION
We’ve had some exceptional events in our time, but a 7th birthday for Hometown Bicycles… now THAT deserves something on the scale of momentous!

Details are coming in next week’s newsletter, but some highlights you can expect for this Saturday, April 15th event include door prizes, an Easter Egg Hunt for kids AND adults, food, a family road ride, announcement of the Jr. Hometownie T-Shirt Contest Winner (see below), deals, the unveiling of the 10 BICYCLES WE ARE DONATING to this year’s 10th Anniversary Tour de Livingston, and a chance to make your mark (literally) on Hometown!!

Did some of that sound mysterious? Good! Come see what all the excitement’s about. A birthday party just isn’t the same without family, and that means we want YOU there!


Cute kid drawing a bicycleRemember, Hometownies, have your preschool – 5th grader paint or sketch up a fun and colorful t-shirt design (no larger than 8″ x 8″), that includes the following:

  • A hand-drawn or hand-painted Hometown logo
  • The words: “I’m a Jr. Hometownie!” (Mom and Dad can help, if needed)
  • Any other bicycle-related art that your young Hometownie is inspired to create!

Bring in their entry by Monday, April 10th to proudly display in our Community Room for the rest of the month!

The winner will be announced at our April 15th event, and their winning design will grace a limited edition run of Jr. Hometownie t-shirts! They’ll receive a complimentary Jr. Hometownie t-shirt, and will be featured in our weekly newsletter and website. ALL participants get an official Hometown sticker, and will be acknowledged on our website.

(Cute kiddie graphic above courtesy www.clipartfest.com)

Brighton Bulldogs Travel Baseball Team meeting in the Hometown Bicycles Community Room


At Hometown, we’re big on activities that involve fitness, family, and the great outdoors, so you can imagine how geeked we are to be Sponsors of the 2017 Brighton Bulldogs Travel Baseball Team. Last night, they met in our Community Room to prep for a stellar season, and impressed the socks off of us with their energetic camaraderie and good manners… plus, they were genuinely kind to Liam, which wins them bonus brownie points in this mama’s book! Stay tuned for a list of their games.

So, now we’ve hosted Bulldogs Baseball, Lacrosse, Football, and Art in our Community Room – yep, we’re definitely feeling Bulldog Pride! Have a Team, Troop, or other group that needs a meet-up spot? Email events@myhometownbicycles.com for Community Room reservations – it’s free for non-profits!

Hometown Bicycles Triathlon Club
(Photo © and courtesy Hamburg Fitness Center & Camp)


We know our tri-geared Hometownies are getting the “brick” bug as the months creep toward triathlon season. That’s why we’re teaming up with Team Hometown Sponsor Hamburg Fitness Center & Camp to take their much-loved Triathlon Club to the next level of awesome!

We’re chipping in gift certificates for motivation, transition training to maximize your swim-to-bike/bike-to-run efficiency, and Hometown’s own Amy Gluck will be imparting expert advice from her Ironman background.

TRI Club Memberships are available for non-members (810-231-4169 for details). You can also join Run Club with Pro Triathlete and Personal Trainer Ryan Rau (call 734-476-4444). I speak from personal experience when I say that his run input can be a game changer!

Join Hometown and your fellow triathletes at the Club’s first informational meeting on April 11th, 6PM at Hamburg Fitness Center & Camp.

National Mountain Bike Patrol Training happening at Hometown Bicycles
(Photo © and courtesy Randy Kessler and Motor City Mountain Biking Association)


It takes a first class sort of person to step up and actively seek ways to support fellow cyclists and, as it so happens, that’s exactly what Hometownies are… first class! So, if you’ve got it in you to give back to the cycling community, here’s an opportunity happening right here at Hometown THIS SATURDAY, April 8th (limited space, so register now!):

Like to Ride? Like to help people? The National Mountain Bike Patrol may be for you…

The mission of the Mountain Bike Patrol boils down to:
• Assist in medical and mechanical emergencies
• Educate trail users of proper etiquette
• Inform land managers, land owners, trail coordinators

For detailed requirements and/or to register for training, contact Randy at bikepatrol@mcmba.org.

Hometown Bicycles at The Brighton Nazarene Church (The Naz) Sportsman's Banquet, put on by their Men's Ministry
(Team member Joe [left] and Service Lead Andrew [right] set up and eat up at the Sportsman’s Banquet) 


Well, not quite – but he sure learned a lot about it from fellow sponsor and skilled artist Tom Stombaugh of Anything That Moves Taxidermy at Brighton Nazarene Church Sportsman’s Banquet.

Brighton Nazarene Church "The Naz" logoOur fellas dined on venison, oggled weaponry, talked taxidermy and bikes, and (I personally suspect) grunted like Tim Allen. It was definitely one of the more unique events in which Hometown has participated. Shout out to “The Naz” for this manly opportunity!

Hometown Bicycles Fat Bike Friendly Shop Ride at Island Lake Badlands
(Photo courtesy Jacob Henriksen)

Exploring Trails Mountain Bike Ride – THIS SUNDAY

Our Fat Bike Friendly Shop Rides have come to a close for the season to make way for our Spring shop ride, Exploring Trails. This is a NO-DROP, beginner friendly mountain bike trail ride – FAT BIKES WELCOME! – which will encourage riders to visit new trails as their skill level increases. If Poto is your goal, this is the weekly ride to get you there by the end of the season! Save 1.5 hours of your day to cover 12 – 16 miles of trail.

Weather dependent – we don’t want to mess up the trails if they’re mucky! Be sure to FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK for ride confirmation and details.


Bike Tour Vacations, LLC's Crazy Hare-Brained Tour in MichiganWhat a great name! Hometown is thrilled to be supporting this Michigan cycling event. Hosted by Hometown Winter Clinic Series guest speaker, Bike Tour Vacations, LLC

“The Crazy Hare-brained Tour is a fundraiser to help cover touring expenses for 3 Northern Michigan University students as they cycle 1,400 miles around Lake Superior in May.

Our event is up to 40 miles of 100% traffic-free trail riding for road bikes, and up to 30 miles of 100% traffic-free dirt riding for mountain bikes. All ages are welcome, 9 a.m. at Atchison Park in New Hudson.”

Winning raffle tickets will be drawn at event sponsor Draught Horse Brew Pub around 1PM.Bike Tour Vacations logo

SPRING SNOWMAN 5K11th Annual Spring Snowman 5K Run/Walk and 10K Run

Spring Snowman 5K Run/Walk is hosted by the Eric Hartwell Foundation, a remarkable organization created by the Hartwell Family (a particularly awesome group of Hometownies) to raise money to “directly support children, diagnosed with Leukemia and other blood disorders, being treated at C.S. Mott’s Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan.” Participants have a chance to win a Jamis bike, donated by Hometown Bicycles. Great cause. Great cross-training. Great prize.



Island Lake Spring Bike Demo Day hosted by the MCMBAThe MCMBA has put a call out for Demo Day volunteers for this wonderfully popular Spring cyclists’ event. (Hometown will be there!) Running May 6th at the ILRA Spring Mill Pond, you can volunteer for everything from setup and registration, to parking and grilling. They write:

The Island Lake Spring Bike Demo Day is now in it’s 12th year. This is the second year the event is put on free of charge by the MCMBA. It’s a great chance to talk face to face with people who live the life: building, riding, and maintaining the bikes you want to own. Take a few out for a test ride on the roads and trails at Island Lake, finding the perfect bike or bikes for you.

CLICK HERE to throw your hat into the volunteer ring!

Team Hometown Bicycles at Waterloo G&G Gravel Road Race

Great minds ride
a bike.

– Anonymous

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