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Hometown Featured on Channel 4 Website + We Won Again! + TONIGHT: Women’s Fitness Forum

Women’s Entrepreneurship: FREE Fitness Forum
Hosted at Hometown Bicycles by your Hometown girl power connection!

Great information for EVERY type of entrepreneur, fitness or otherwise!

Hometown Bicycles Free Fitness Forum

Don’t miss out on this fun and inspirational event for female business owners! 
Spend the evening with a group of positive women who embarked on very personal journeys to become fitness professionals and entrepreneurs. Bring your questions and pick their brains in this Q&A  session!


Topics to be covered:

  • Where should I teach?
  • What should I expect in terms of startup cost?
  • What is my target client base, and how do I find them?
  • How do I increase attendance?
  • What are the best ways to market myself?
  • When do I throw in the towel and when should I persevere?
  • Competitors — friends or foes?
  • And much more!

In recent weeks, we introduced you to three of our panelists, Jenny Schild with Body WithinLeslie Barrett of Zumba with Leslie Barrett and Martha Soraruf who operates Cardio Drumming Hosted by PURE Fitness & Nutrition: Powered by Arbonne

Meet our last-but-definitely-not-least presenter, Debra McGaffey, owner of Ignition Fitness and Beauty From the Inside Out.

Debra McGaffey

Debra has been training for the last 10 years. In 2017, she became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She has made it her mission to help others be fit and healthy. Passionate about what she does, Debra will motivate you by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to you, as her client. She makes working out fun yet challenging.

“I have walked the path back to health. Knowing what your client is going through is key to success! Let’s ignite your inner fuse and begin the path to improved health,” states Debra.

Debra has also been belly dancing since 2010, and currently performs with and teaches at One Spirit Dance and Fitness in Pinckney. As part of the Professional Troupe, Intermediate Troupe and Fire Troupe, she is instrumental in writing combinations and co-creating choreography.

And did you know? 
We’ve been bringing to life a specially dedicated rental space in Hometown Bicycles’ back room – a Hometown Business Incubator, where fledgling business owners can turn their visions into reality. This space is designed to give entrepreneurs a resource-rich home base to launch their businesses, build a following, and get a taste of leasing without overwhelming costs or lengthy commitments. 

Lake Trust Credit Union has enthusiastically stepped into the role of Incubator Title Sponsor. In this role, they will not only generously subsidize the first month’s rent for our first 12 Incubator entrepreneurs*, but will also share a wealth of resources and insights at our entrepreneurship events and programsNicole Dietrich will join us TONIGHT to talk about the importance of building a network and share information about Lake Trust’s Micro-Loan program!

* Contact Dawn at office@myhometownbicycles.com for details about the Hometown Business Incubator and Lake Trust Credit Union’s amazing Sponsor subsidy.

Thank you, Livingston County!

People's Choice Livingston Daily

We’re humbled and proud to win the 2019 People’s Choice Award for

This annual contest is sponsored by Livingston DailyThank you, Hometownies, for your patronage and support in making us #1!

Hometown’s Feature on Channel 4’s Website!

Hometown Bicycles featured on WDIV-TV's ClickOnDetroit Vote 4 the Best Contest website

Cycling is fun. The industry is fun. The people in it are fun. WE have fun…

And that is why, following up on Hometown’s win in the ClickOnDetroit Vote 4 the Best contest, we were honored to be selected for a special feature article on Channel 4’s website! Wow – thank you, WDIV-TV Detroit Local 4!

Check out our leap to local fame by CLICKING HERE!

Riding for Cancer Awareness…

EFF Cancer

The 3rd Annual EFF Cancer ride took place on Saturday, August 17th to honor those who are battling or have battled cancer. 

Approximately 70 cyclists showed their support, with many dedicating the ride to someone.

Hometownies Colin and Cindy Chisholm organize the event each year. 

“I can tell you that the vibe was phenomenal,” says Colin. “Everyone was touched. So many people took me and Cindy aside to thank us and tell us their story, and they shared their story with others too.”

EFF Cancer Ride

It’s amazing what Hometownies are doing out in the community! It makes us proud!

Monkey Loob and Hometown!

Monkey Loob

On Wednesday, August 14th, Monkey Loob inventor and owner, Lyndsay Stiles, spent the evening at Hometown!

She joined in our Gravel Grinder shop ride for 13 glorious miles of rough road riding, and then everyone regrouped at the shop for a Monkey Loob demonstration and informational session.

We had an amazing turnout, and everyone got to witness firsthand what a kick-arse cyclist Lyndsay is… and learn why Hometown Bicycles is mad about Monkey Loob!! Thank you, Lyndsay, for sharing your time and knowledge with us!


Cardio Drumming | Wednesdays 6 PM and Saturdays 9:45 AM$5 drop-in / $5 equipment rental – With Martha Soraruf  | Click to learn more
Power 30 | Wednesdays 7 PM
$5 drop in – With Martha Soraruf  |  Click to learn more

Zumba | Mondays 6 PM and Thursdays 9:30 AM
$8 drop in or “10 classes for $60” punch card – With Leslie Barrett  |  Click to learn more

Zumba GOLD | Fridays 9:30 AM and Sundays 10:30 AM
$8 drop in or “10 classes for $50” punch card – With Tresa O’Rourke  |  Click to learn more

Dawn Gaden

Sati Yoga | Tuesdays 6:30 PM
$7 drop in – With Dawn Gaden, RYT  |  Click to learn more

It’s hard to believe it’s that time already. Summer is winding down and the kiddos are returning to school.

We wish you a happy new school year!

Hometown Business Forum for Women FITNESS Entrepreneurs NEXT Thursday!

Women’s Entrepreneurship: FREE Fitness Forum!
NEXT Thursday, August 22 from 6-8 PM

Free Fitness Forum

There will be food, there will be fun & there will be fellowship with like-minded women!

Spend the evening with inspirational women who embarked on very personal journeys to become fitness professionals and entrepreneurs! In this Q&A  session, they will share their successes and failures, ideas and strategies, highs and lows, and much more!

If you’re getting started as a new fitness instructor or business owner, you won’t want to miss this forum!

Topics to be covered:

  • Where should I teach?
  • What should I expect in terms of startup cost?
  • What is my target client base, and how do I find them?
  • How do I increase attendance?
  • What are the best ways to market myself?
  • When do I throw in the towel and when should I persevere?
  • Competitors — friends or foes?
  • And much more!


In recent weeks, we introduced you to two of our panelists, Jenny Schild with Body Within and Leslie Barrett of Zumba with Leslie Barrett. This week, meet our next panelist, Martha Soraruf who operates Cardio Drumming Hosted by PURE Fitness & Nutrition: Powered by Arbonne

We know many of you have seen (and heard!) the supercharged cardio drumming classes going on at Hometown! Over the past 3 years, Martha has been motivating students with her infectious energy.

Martha Soraruf

As an elementary school teacher, she never envisioned becoming a business owner — the shift occurred about 7 years ago when she became an Arbonne consultant — which led Martha to be able to enjoy teaching both kids AND fitness-focused adults!

Martha loved Arbonne products so much that she wanted to share them with everyone she knew. And then she attended a drumming class where a friend turned to her and said, “You should teach this.” The next week, she started practicing and, within a month, she held her first class in her friend’s basement. 

“I haven’t looked back since. I get to combine the best of both worlds — Arbonne and cardio drumming,” shares Martha. “I love what I do — all of it. I provide a service but it serves me as well. I’ve become a person who takes risks and tries new things, for better or worse.”

Martha also does personal training and is a brand new Pound instructor. Meet this jack-of-many-trades next week… and be sure to bring your questions!

EFF Cancer Gravel Classic Ride

EFF Cancer

Tell us how you really feel about cancer! Come out for the 3rd Annual EFF Cancer ride and help honor those who are battling or have battled cancer. 

This ride is 25 miles of mixed asphalt and gravel roads, starting at Volunteer Park in South Lyon. End at Tucker’s Kitchen & Bar for great food and beverages. 

This is a FREE event! Let’s raise awareness and have a great time while doing so!

Bagels, Bikes & Brew was a resounding success! 

Pro-Motion Physical Therapy

On Sunday, August 10th, Team Hometown Bicycles’ Title Sponsor, Vinnie Baylerian with Pro-Motion Physical Therapy, hosted an event to be remembered! It went so well that we’ll be planning a repeat for those who missed out!

Team Hometown Bicycles

Twenty cyclists arrived at Pro-Motion’s office for coffee and bagels, as well as a tour of the clinic, before heading off with Vinnie on a gravel/road ride and then wrapping things up with a cold beverage at Brewery Becker!

Many thanks to Hometownie, Jack Riddle, for being an integral part of planning the routes and an all-around great help!

Did you know Vinnie is a certified Level 2 Clinical BikeFit Pro?

Pro-Motion Physical Therapy

Bike fitting is designed to fit your bike to your unique body architecture to maximize power, efficiency, and comfort, as well as reduce the risk of injury. A bike fit at Pro-Motion Physical Therapy includes: pre-fit interview regarding your cycling goals, prior injuries, and areas of discomfort while riding; a body assessment, including strength, flexibility, and movement patterns on and off the bike; a multidimensional analysis of your body mechanics based on your continuous feedback and interface with your bike; an exercise program designed to improve deficiencies that present during your physical assessment; and a follow-up consultation.

To learn more about Professional Bike Fitting, contact Vinnie Baylerian, PT, DPT at Pro-Motion Physical Therapy: (810) 588-4133

In Team Hometown News…

Joe Ostervik

Check out that familiar face to the left — Team Hometown Co-Captain, Joe Ostervik, at the finish line for ODRAM (One Day Ride Across Michigan) on Saturday, August 10th. Not sure he could look any happier, and we are stoked for him!

This fundraiser benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Ride to Cure Program. 2019 marked the 10th year that JDRF has been the beneficary of ODRAM, with nearly $50 million raised for research to deliver life-changing therapies and, one day, a cure for Type 1 diabetes (T1D).

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect as approximately 500 cyclists rolled cross-state to cover 150 miles from Montague to Bay City. Congrats, Team! 

Pictured below (left to right): Adam Baranski, Mike Sharpe, Joe Ostervik and Jacob Henriksen.

Team Hometown at ODRAM


Cardio Drumming | Wednesdays 6 PM and Saturdays 9:45 AM$5 drop-in / $5 equipment rental – With Martha Soraruf |Click to learn more
Power 30 | Wednesdays 7 PM
$5 drop in – With Martha Soraruf  |  Click to learn more

Zumba | Mondays 6 PM and Thursdays 9:30 AM
$8 drop in or “10 classes for $60” punch card – With Leslie Barrett  |  Click to learn more

Zumba GOLD | Fridays 9:30 AM and Sundays 10:30 AM
$8 drop in or “10 classes for $50” punch card – With Tresa O’Rourke  |  Click to learn more

Sati Yoga | Tuesdays 6:30 PM
$7 drop in – With Dawn Gaden, RYT (pictured below)  |  Click to learn more

Dawn Gaden

Hometown Bicycles

Now Hiring!

  • Service Technicians
  • Sales

Inquire within — stop by for an application!

We hosted a Zumba/Cardio Drumming combo class for charity on Monday, August 5th — and raised $302 for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s!

A Community of Awesome

Team Hometown Bicycles rider at the bridge on Island Lakes mountain bike trails

As our to-the-core Hometownie Team and Crew member, Meghan Terbush, wrote in a recent Facebook post:

The stories that flow through this place astonish us and touch us to the core. Hometown Bicycles is so much more than a bike shop, but a community full of wonderful people who enjoy having an active lifestyle. Let’s gain some recognition for why YOU all make this the Best Bike Shop! Vote your shop to be #1: https://www.clickondetroit.com/vote4thebest#/gallery/67648732/

In honor of this incredible Hometown community, we’ve packed this newsletter to the gills with stories about YOU – customers, Team, AND Crew.

And if you’d like to see some recognition for the bike shop that YOU helped create, please put your hearts-and-souls into it, and vote HOURLY through the final Vote 4 the Best tally this Sunday. Get others involved! Spread the word! You have the gratitude of an entire Hometown community behind you!!


Bike ToolsWith Labor Day just around the corner, it seems only fitting to pay tribute to the core of what we do – bicycle labor! Service is where we started, service is where we excel, and service is what our upcoming, Sunday, August 27thevent is all about!

Hometown Bicycles 1st Annual Pre-Labor Day Labor Event, running 1pm-5pm, will feature “labor stations” throughout the shop for ask-the-expert Q&Ademos, and cool tune-up tipslimited edition coupons; a treasure hunt, a chance to pit your wits and skills against our bike gurus’, and other opportunities to win prizes; and even a bike wash, with proceeds to benefit a local charity!

Look for further details in next week’s newsletter but, for heaven’s sake, get it on your calendar now!!

Team Hometown Bicycles' Mike Dyer, Jim Thompson, Keith Cowgar, and Paul Andres at Brown County Park, Indiana
(Image courtesy Mike Dyer)


Our first story comes from the breathtaking hillscape of Brown County State Park in Indiana, where Team members Mike Dyer, Paul Andres, Jim Thompson, Keith Cowgar, and friend Andrew set aside racing for a bike-based “guys weekend”. Mike writes:

All I can say is it was a hell of an adventure. We made it out in one piece. No major injuries just some cuts, scrapes and bruises. Paul wins the most wounds of the weekend, and I win the most spectacular crash with a big endo over a rock garden!

Amy Gluck
(Photo credit: © Copyright Tom Demerly)


Every week, Hometown’s Amy Gluck – former All-American IRONMAN triathlete, survivor of a horrific accident, and now ferociously determined to return to IRONMAN – shares a piece of her ongoing story. This one will give you goosebumps…

Getting running back has been my biggest struggle following my accident.  It’s so frustrating watching my pace crash when I check my results after races. I’m doing EVERYTHING I can to recuperate my running… but sometimes I wonder if it’s really worth it.  Do I really need to come back to Ironman racing, or was surviving this accident good enough?   But it’s all I knew before my accident.  It’s all I did.  What keeps me motivated is… READ ON 

Amy’s full blogs are posted HERE on our website.

Miles and Ann Janicki celebrating 32 years of marriage with a Hometown Bicycles style cycling adventure!
(Images courtesy Miles & Ann Janicki)


This next story hails from a wonderful couple who have been Hometownies to a remarkable degree. Miles and Ann Janicki recently took Hometown (and their trusty Jamis bikes!) with them on an especially meaningful adventure on the west side of our beautiful State:

We’re celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary in Hometown style!  We’ve enjoyed being part of the Hometown family for the last seven of those years, and were just noticing today how the jerseys show the growth of sponsorship and community outreach, from the time of the original until now.  Great work Hometown team!

Hometownies Dan and Donald Smith competing in mountain bike races
(Images courtesy Dan & Vanessa Smith)


Here’s another couple of exceptional Hometownies – a father-son duo – who embrace cycling for the joy it brings, the sportsmanship it inspires, and the bond it creates. Powered by the wonderful support of wife and mother, Vanessa, Dan and Donald Smith shared this awesome write-up on why they ride:

Riding bikes is second nature to [Dan and Donald].  For Dan, riding is more than just exercise.  He uses cycling as stress relief, a way to challenge himself, and also a way to travel to and explore new places with MMBA races. Most importantly, Dan rides to have fun with family and friends.  When Donald was asked why he rides, he did not know how to respond right away.  Riding is part of who he is as a person, he identifies himself as a biker rider.  When asked to dig deeper… he loves the feeling of going down a big hill, riding with his dad, using his Garmin to go faster each time he rides on the Blue and Yellow trails at Island Lake, and of course the cheering as he races by people… READ THEIR FULL STORY

Team Hometown Bicycles' Colin & Cynthia Chisholm's EFF Cancer Ride
(Images courtesy Colin & Cynthia Chisholm)


We loved the cheek and defiant artistry of The “Eff Cancer!” Ride, organized by clever Team members Colin and Cynthia Chisholm. They used approximately 25 miles to “stick it” to a disease that has touched so many, and wrapped up the evening with a grill out at their home. As Hometown Ride Coordinator Jean put it, “It was intense to feel the pain of riding and think it was nothing to those we know, love, and may have lost going through cancer.” Kudos on your creativity, Colin and Cynthia!

Hometownies Jeff and Lisa Short at the Shermanator
(Images courtesy Sarah & Jeff Short)


We count Sarah and Jeff among our most loyal Hometown and Jamis ambassadors – with a passion for both that warms us down to our bike clips. We’re so proud of their recent adventure, made possible by a remarkable dedication to training, healthfulness, and support of each other. You guys are an inspiration!

Jeffrey Short and I competed in the Shermanator Aquabike in Battle Creek, MI this morning. 500 meter swim, 10 mile bike. Beautiful day and Jeff and I both finished in the Women’s and Men’s Aquabike as overall champs!!! So proud. I won first place overall too!!! What a day! Hard work pays off. Next up Tawas Aquabike!!! Woot woot!


We’d also love to give a shout out to the cycling fanaticism of your very own Hometown Crew – from Jean Steinberg, who’s about to race Ore-to-Shore with one particularly awesome sister; to Meghan Terbush, who’s mountain biking the U.P. with her impressively adventurous family; to Evan Nelson, who’s cycling amongst palm trees down in Florida; to Chris Buddingh, who’s been bikepacking the past couple weeks with his lovely wife; to Joel Rushlow, who’s about to embark on a multi-day solo bike expedition across MI (stay tuned for his story in our next email!); to Hometown’s high school crew members, who are training for their first MISCA mountain bike race of the season!

What can we say? WE LOVE CYCLING!!

Vote 4 the Best Bike Shop - Hometown Bicycles


Hometown Bicycles Events Associate Evan Nelson
(Image courtesy Evan Nelson)


We thought we were well-versed in active people, but we seriously question whether Evan even sleeps – he’s involved in SO many things! He recently graduated from a high school career overflowing with DECA Club presidencies, school store management, crosswalk lobbying (ask him about this!), athletic endeavors, and even pie-making, just to name a few. We’ve been geeked to add “Hometown Events Associate” to his Renaissance-ian laundry list of skills and activities. Evan writes:

I strive to be active and started seriously riding bikes a few years ago. I love riding mountain bikes because of the challenges different terrain present.

I also enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, running, and Scuba diving. Anything high energy and outdoors!


Racing on a tricycleParents, here’s a must-try for your mini-cyclists!

Think you have what it takes to be the fastest bike in town?SELCRA, in conjunction with Hometown Bicycles, is hosting the Inaugural “Need for Speed” Bike Challenge. Participants will compete in 3 time trials around the outdoor track. Prizes for top finishers in each age category. Other activities include, inflatables, Arts-n-Crafts, Food Trucks.

Held at Meijer Skate Park in Brighton, this bike race is for boys and girls, ages 5 and up. A short and sweet, looped course will take them over flat terrain, with great visibility for spectating families and friends!



Doc May's Memorial Melon Ride 2017 flierHometown’s been proud to be the ongoing sponsor of this charming and delicious, Doc May Memorial Melon Ride on Saturday, August 19th at 9am.

Our Team and Crew marks off the route, leads and mans the ride, provides on-site SAG support, and also offers bike valet service until 2pm, so you can enjoy the Festival without worrying about your two-wheeled babies! T-shirts, melon and ice cream for participants!

Lock in your registration now – which puts you in the running to win the sweet Jamis cruiser bike that we’ve donated to the cause! REGISTER NOW!

Hometown Bicycles Saturday Singles Road Ride


I know!! August 19th is one happening day!! Whether you opt to dip your spoons into the post-ride deliciousness of Melon Fest ice cream, or cheer on the wheeled kiddies at SELCRA’s 1st Annual Need for Speed event, if you’re single and over 18, consider your evening booked!

On Saturday, August 19th, we’ll meet at 4:30pm at the shop for a conversation-friendly, recreational road ride over the well-loved roads of Island Lake. (Crummy weather? No problem! We’ll switch it to movie night at the shop!) We’re manning this “no drop” ride with (single!) Team members and Hometown crew. Be sure to pack a lawn chair and beverage for a post-ride, campfire, singles mingle behind the shop!

Details can be found HERE. You must be single and over 18 in order to participate. If you’d like to be kept in the loop about future Hometown singles rides and activities, send me an email: office@myhometownbicycles.com. And please be sure to share our Facebook eventwith all of your friends – the more cyclists we get, the better your odds!

Hometown Bicycles Women's Road Ride


I want to take a moment here to congratulate a pioneering group of women, who made new friends and Hometown history as the fabulous first participants in Hometown’s new, women-specific rides and events. Ladies, you made this ride GREAT, and we can’t wait to get to know you better, and share more adventures with you, going forward!

Our Women’s Road Ride is open to all ladies, at nearly all levels of riding – CLICK HERE to learn more, and to find out how to join us next Tuesday evening!


Poses, Pedals and Pints logoGood news… no, FANTASTIC news!! The uber-successful yoga-bike-beer event that we supported this past Spring has been resurrected for a round 2 on Saturday, September 30th.

Based out of Downtown Brighton’s beautiful Brewery Becker, this event opens with beginner-friendly yoga, courtesy of event coordinator Tocca Massage & Yoga, follows up with a scenic and recreational bike ride with Hometown Bicycles (new route!), and ends with a long, cool pull from the taps of Brewery Becker.

Registration is limited to 50, so if you missed out last time, be sure to hit the link below, like, IMMEDIATELY!

Hometown Bicycles Women's Road Ride


9:00PM (meet at 8:45) from Maltby Intermediate School (4740 Bauer Rd. in Brighton)
It’s time to explore! We’ll ride to the Brighton Recreation trails, accessing them from the gravel roads. This will be an INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED pace. Make sure your lights are charged for this ride in the dark! We will re-group throughout the trail. Mountain and Fat Bikes are encouraged to join this ride. Details are HERE.

9:00AM (meet at 8:45) from Hometown Bicycles
Come grow with this weekly ride as we start with 10 – 15 miles and stretch the distance week by week. Route will be on the park roads. Road bikes are preferred for this ride. All level riders are welcome. 12 – 15 mph pace, 1.5 hours. Follow this Facebook event for updates.

9:00AM (meet at 8:45) from Hartland Township Hall
We’re up to nearly 36 miles with approx. 2,000′ of climb (which, for MI, is a TON of climb!) on beautiful and EXTREMELY hilly country roads (and limited pavement) – all with wonderful ride companions! This is an intermediate/advanced ride (check out Tuesday’s Gravel Grinding 101 for a less grueling option.) Expect several long, tough climbs at a MINIMUM 14-15 MPH pace. Cross/Gravel, Mountain, and Fat bikes are welcome. Meet in the lower parking lot (turn right once in the drive) 2655 Clark Rd, Hartland, MI 48353.Click here for this Facebook event.

4:30PM (meet at 4:15) from Brighton Rec Trailhead – **NEW LOCATION!**
This is a Beginner Friendly mountain bike trail ride which will encourage riders to visit new trails as their skill level increases. We’ll meet at the Brighton Rec Trailhead, head out to the Appleton 2 mile beginner loop and then explore the Murray Lake Trail. Save 1.5 hours of your day to ride with the Hometown crew. All levels of riders are welcome – NO DROP RIDE. Mountain and Fat Bikes are encouraged to join this ride. You can find this Facebook event here.

Sponsored by Pro-Motion Physical Therapy
6:30PM (meet at 6:15) from Hometown Bicycles
Come join the Hometown Bicycles crew for this NO DROP ride. Road bikes only please. We’ll ride Island Lake roads to the well-known “Green Dumpster” and back – approx 12 – 15 miles. Those ready for more will group up to take on more mileage!  Expect a 12 – 17+ mph pace to accommodate riders’ skill levels.  All levels are welcome – we’ll split into groups according to experience and speed, with a sweep to bring up the rear. Click to check out the Facebook event page!

Please make sure you have some experience riding the bike you bring to this ride and are comfortable with the way it handles, including basic shifting and braking, for the safety of all. Beyond that, our friendly ride support are delighted to share tips on how to make the hills easier and the flats faster – just ask!

6:30PM (meet at 6:15) from Hometown Bicycles
Join Hometown service guru, Dan ‘CycloDan’ Tribble, for this unique, gravel grinding adventure ride.  **It’s time to start bringing lights!!**  We’ll tackle road, singletrack, and gravel, including portions of Island Lake, hopping a guardrail, sand “puddles”, and a few hills just for fun! Plan for just over an hour, covering 13+ miles at a 12 – 13 mph average pace. Gravel, adventure, or mountain/fat bikes required (not appropriate for skinny tires). All levels of riders are welcome – NO DROP RIDE. Check here for ride updates.

6:30PM (meet at 6:15) from Hometown Bicycles
Ladies, this one’s just for you! This weekly, women-only road ride is for gals of all ability levels. We’ll ride the well-known “green dumpster” loop at Island Lake – about 14 miles of road – at a conversational, 10mph pace. All bikes welcome, NO DROP RIDE. Afterward, relax, connect, and rehydrate at a behind-the-shop, BYOB bonfire with your new cycling buddies! Stay tuned to our Facebook events page for ride/weather updates.

This is a DROP RIDE!
**No Son of Hammerfest this week**

6:30PM (meet at 6:15) from Hometown Bicycles

Bring your “A” game, and see if you can stay on this crazy train of talented individuals as they push each other to find new limits. You’ll want the fastest road bike you own, as the pace averages 20 mph through 2 laps (40 miles) of Island Lake roads. Expect the flats pace to range 24 – 28 mph! Check Facebook for ride updates.

6:30PM (meet at 6:15) from Hometown Bicycles
6:30PM (meet at 6:15) from Hometown Bicycles
Dial it back on this social, slow paced road ride (~ 8-10 mph). If you have a need-for-speed, this is NOT the ride for you! Bring your cruiser or whatever you like as we Slow Roll down sidewalks and streets. Expect to cross Grand River, possibly a couple climbs/descents, and beautiful park landscape. May not be suitable for young, unseasoned kids. Parents, please decide what is safe for your family, as there are no lights or designated crosswalks for Grand River or Academy. This is a NO DROP ride. Check HERE for ride details.

9:00AM (meet at 8:45) from Hometown Bicycles –  **NEW START TIME**
This conversational morning ride will find us exploring Island Lake’s beautiful park roads. The plan this week is to ride 1-1.5 hours at a 10 mph average pace. Ride whatever bike will work for the pace and your desired exercise level. This is a NO DROP ride. Check back for ride confirmation/changes due to weather.

RAIN OR SHINE! If it rains, we’ll simply switch to movie night at the shop!
4:45PM (arrive at 4:15 to meet your fellow singles!) from Hometown Bicycles
This ride is all about making connections, so we’re keeping it conversation-friendly with a recreational road ride leaving from Hometown Bicycles, and traveling over the well-loved roads of Island Lake. Expect approx. 14 miles round trip at a 10mph pace. All bikes welcome. We’ll have this ride well-staffed by (single!) Team members and Hometown crew, so no one will get left behind. (NO DROP RIDE!)

Pack a lawn chair and beverage for a post-ride, campfire, singles mingle behind the shop. We’ll keep the shop open for helmet-hair damage control and calls of nature. MUST BE SINGLE & OVER 18 TO PARTICIPATE. Be sure to follow our Facebook event page for ride updates and weather-related info.

For ALL SHOP RIDES, be sure to FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK for ride confirmations and updates!

Fitness classes at Hometown Bicycles - Yoga with Tocca Massage, Zumba with Leslie Barrett, and Cardio Drumming with Martha Soraruf(Photo cred: Yoga pic at left courtesy Ashley Knuth of Tocca Massage & Yoga)


Hey, Hometownies! Mark your calendars for these fantastic fitness programs running right here at your favorite bike shop:

Cardio Drumming with Martha Soraruf at Hometown BicyclesCARDIO DRUMMING | Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 6:45PM
$5 class fee / $5 equipment rental – With Martha Soraruf
Click to learn more

Vinyasa Yoga class at Hometown Bicycles in Brighton with Ashley Knuth of Tocca Massage and YogaDYNAMIC YOGA | Fridays – August 4, 11 & 18
$10 drop in – With Ashley Knuth of Tocca Massage & Yoga
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Zumba with Leslie Barrett at Hometown BicyclesZUMBA | Mondays at 6PM & Thursdays at 9:30AM
$8 drop in or “10 classes for $50” punch card – With Leslie Barrett
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We offer financing at Hometown Bicycles through Synchrony Financial

Mountain Biking in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Take only memories, leave only treadprints.

– Adapted from Chief Seattle

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